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We’re talking about infidelity…

This past week I got the chance to interview Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, Esther Perel. She’s come out with her second book The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity and this book is a must read. Esther has been a ... READ MORE

Have a lot of love to give but men aren’t ready?

Do you feel like you are a woman with an amazing capacity to love? When you find someone that you feel a connection with are you ready to be ALL in? But you can’t seem to find a man who will step up and be all in with you. Then watch ... READ MORE

He cheated. Should you take him back?

He cheated. So should you take him back?

I appreciate you so much for being a part of my world. Over the last couple of weeks as you’ve received lots of emails about the Soul Level Love program, I got lots of questions about how your past experiences with men have left you ... READ MORE

insecurities pushed him away

I pushed him away because I’m insecure

Have you ever pushed away a guy you really liked? What if I told you that you didn’t do anything wrong. Would you believe me? My Client Mamta didn’t. Mamta was dating this guy long distance for about 6 months, we’ll call him Samir. ... READ MORE


I miss my ex, how can I get him back?

One of the toughest decisions when it comes to love (okay, there are a ton) can be getting back together with an ex. Even when you know it’s what you want, how do you find out it’s what he wants? How do you know you won’t end up back ... READ MORE

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Finding love again at any age

The other day I went to lunch with a fellow Love Coach in Malibu. It was so fun! I featured her on one of my online events last year, and she is in her late 40’s. While we were together she was telling me how several of her followers ... READ MORE

Kavita, Hemal, and dad on the beach

Feeling like a love loser? Here’s the truth.

I talked to a client of mine, let’s call her Mary, called. She was going through a breakup with a man who she thought was “the one” for her. She SO understandably has been through every emotion possible. Mary needed some girlfriend ... READ MORE

where is true love

A poem from my heart

Today I am keeping it short and sweet. I wrote this poem below from my heart. I felt inspired this week. Love is a journey A reflection of self always There is nothing more to seek For what we desire most is to be sought And yet we ... READ MORE

Woman upset, man walking away

Did I make a mistake breaking up with my Ex?

My client Nora and I were talking this week about a man that she had been in a relationship with over 6 years ago and stayed friends with. In fact they are almost best friends. Nora recently moved from New York to San Francisco and so ... READ MORE