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Wrestling with whether you should stay or go? This one hour masterclass will leave you CLEAR about what your next steps need to be, in order to release the attachment of the relationship you’re in, if it’s time to go, or how to forge a bond and connection that leaves you deeply knowing this person is right for you.


You will take away so many golden nuggets from this 1 hour masterclass, about why you’ve been stuck in patterns of attracting emotionally unavailable men, how it’s so important to not only be chosen but also CHOOSE, and the internal transformation NEEDED to truly be loved for ALL of you who you are (including the good, bad and the messy)! 

Heartbreak Freedom

Letting go of someone you could see a future with is HARD. There’s a lot of attachment that can plague you, especially if it was a break up that you were blindsided by, or just didn’t want. 

In this 90 minute masterclass, you will walk away with practical tools to release that attachment to him for good, so you can move on, or call him back into your life to build something EVEN better and stronger. I remember thinking after recording this class, “This is pure gold for someone to receive deep levels of clarity.”

All Masterclasses Bundle

All of these Masterclasses were intuitively taught. I didn’t have a script. I tuned into the energy of what someone needs and just spoke. This is sage advice you literally won’t hear anywhere else!

Save $24 by getting all 3.

About Kavita
Kavita J. Patel is one of the most sought-after, world-renowned relationship coaches for women who are professional, high-achieving, successful, and single. For more than a decade, she has supported thousands of clients in helping them find what she calls their Soul Level Love™.

Her one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge signature approach can’t be found anywhere else and has proven to get to the root of why her clients feel stuck in love, and transform that so that they can attract in true love and partnership with ease. Kavita also hosts her own YouTube channel, and has been featured on CBS News, FoxNews, Women’s Health, Brides, and more.