My drama filled love story

Kavita and Hemal on the beachI can say from personal experience that releasing my own love blocks helped me get my Ex back and saved my marriage.

I went from breakup (where he broke up with me), to make up, to marriage and close to divorce all with the same man. We have been through it ALL.

15 years ago, after spending months pursuing him, my now husband Hemal and I started dating. We had our problems, of course, but nothing I didn’t think we couldn’t handle.

Fast forward to 4 years later – I thought we were going to get married. Right before we were about to go to visit my parents during the holidays (where I “knew” he would propose), Hemal called me and said, “I haven’t been happy for months and I want to take a break.”

I literally had told my closest friends, “This is it!” and was planning our engagement. In one phone call, everything changed.

I was devastated. I did everything I could to try and fix it. I even showed up at his doorstep unannounced. None of that worked, and eventually I began to move on and started dating again.

A year and a half later, Hemal came back into my life and we decided to get back together. For us, that meant marriage. I “knew” we would be okay because I had worked so hard to change all of the things I had done wrong the first time.

Two years into our marriage, after yet another fight, Hemal told me he was unhappy and was second guessing our decision.

It was at that point that I knew I had to do something. All of the logical stuff that I thought I had fixed the first time we broke up (just a few years before) hadn’t actually changed anything.

I started to dig deep and seek the help of mentors and coaches. I went to seminars and read books. I had a ton of awareness of what my patterns were and I had made some smaller breakthroughs, but there was still a gap for me in terms of really shifting these patterns permanently.

That’s when I took matters in to my own hands and discovered the path to shifting my Love Blocks. My relationship with Hemal now is more connected and passionate than ever because of this profound inner work that I did. We didn’t go to therapy. I made the shift and it changed everything.

This doesn’t mean that he didn’t have anything to work on for himself. He did and still does (it is an ongoing journey), however with love I believe when the woman understands exactly what she wants, accepts more of who she is, and can communicate that – the man who loves her will get on board.

Now I knew finding my Love Blocks and releasing them worked like a charm for me, but I didn’t know if this was going to work for everyone. In the first year of being a Love Coach, I personally spoke to over 250 women and saw similar patterns no matter what their specific situation.

That is when I developed the Soul Level Love Method. It has now helped hundreds of women find and keep the high quality man they deserve and create the families they always dreamed of.

I know what it takes to FIND AND KEEP lasting love, and I am so excited you are here.

My Philosophy

Kavita and Hemal reading

Love is a journey.

Contrary to the way most of us relate to love here in the West (meaning it exists outside of us), in Eastern philosophy love resides within you.

If you are living and breathing, you are a SOUL. The Soul is divine and has all the light, knowledge, power, and love that can fulfill you in ways that are currently unimaginable.

We are all on a journey to peel away the layers of what is keeping us from being able to access this part of us. I am on this same journey with you.

I believe with all my heart that YOU deserve and can have extraordinary love. I call this kind of love Soul Level Love.

The journey to Soul Level Love doesn’t mean that there is just one person or soulmate for you. I don’t believe that is true. Our soul has been on a journey of lifetimes. It would be impossible for that to mean we only have one profound love connection in our lives.

What I mean by Soul Level Love is letting love hit the deepest part of your heart.

Once we feel this kind of love, you can’t go back. There’s no more questioning, no more wondering. Just ease, excitement, and an undeniable connection that attracts you and your perfect match together.

This kind of love is far from average. It is so profound that the waiting it took to find him, feels totally worth it.

Maybe as you read this a part of feels like you don’t believe that this is possible.

I am not one of those coaches that is going to say YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE to find your love. I think not believing at times is totally natural.

What I have seen by working with thousands of women is that there are deeper blocks that keep us from believing we deserve extraordinary love. These deeper “love blocks” are what I help you discover and RELEASE.

Because I know there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

There is nothing to fix or change about who you are. What high-quality men are looking for is a woman who is loving, confident, and grounded in who she is. You have heard that a million times.

When we release these love blocks, we rediscover all the parts of you and allow it to SHINE. When we accept the good, bad, and ugly about ourselves we become our most grounded, confident, attractive self.

High quality men find this irresistible.

What led me to this work

I grew up being blessed with parents who were a stand for me to really understand my culture and where I came from. Since the age of 5 I have been in the presence of gurus. I mean the real deals that have spent years in meditation in the mountains of India.

They taught me yoga, mantras, chanting, meditation, the meaning of life and the path to true happiness. This sparked an insatiable curiosity of how the universe works, what the human experience and this human journey all about, what happens after death, and what true soul connection means.

Because of this insatiable curiosity I have been mediating my parents relationship since I was 12. They would often argue (like most couples) and instead of running away to get away from them fighting, I got involved. I watched how they would interact, communicate, and I could feel what they deeply desired from one another but often wouldn’t say.

This had me then help friends and family around relationships, but I had no idea that this would become my life’s purpose.

After college, I worked in Corporate America for 8 years. I was a Strategy and IT Consultant for a Fortune 500 Company and then at a boutique consulting firm in New York City.

I knew from the moment I left college that one day I would be an entrepreneur. My Dad is an entrepreneur and it was in my blood. It took me 8 years to really figure out what that looked like.

After realizing that I didn’t want the job my bosses had and feeling like I just wasn’t fully expressed working for someone else, I left.

I became a Health Coach, and after a year and a half of that work quickly realized that my clients were seeing all of their best results in love.

It was during this same time of transition that my own love life had completely transformed, and I realized that I had been using everything I had learned to help my own clients.

Professional Bio

Kavita smiling and putting hands together

Kavita Jhaveri is one of the most sought-after, world-renowned relationship coaches for women who are professional, high-achieving, successful, and single. For more than a decade, she has supported thousands of clients in helping them find what she calls their Soul Level Love™.

Her one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge signature approach can’t be found anywhere else and has proven to get to the root of why her clients feel stuck in love, and transform that so that they can attract in true love and partnership with ease. Kavita also hosts her own YouTube channel, and has been featured on CBS News, FoxNews, Women’s Health, Brides, and more.


3 girls laughingFavorite RomCom

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

MadonnaFavorite 80’s song

Material Girl – Madonna

cheesy nachosWhat is my favorite food?


a pink sprinkled donutWhat’s your guilty pleasure?


a harmoniumDo you have hidden talents most people don’t know about?

I play an Indian instrument called a harmonium (a cross between a piano and an accordion)

4 people holding hands over the sunsetWhat one accomplishment are you most proud of?

Totally shifting my relationship with my parents, brother, and husband to solid, fully connected relationships.

What’s my favorite sport ?

Tennis or watching the hot soccer men run around

Most people don’t know…

I am a huge crier. I cry a lot.