where is true love

A poem from my heart

Today I am keeping it short and sweet. I wrote this poem below from my heart. I felt inspired this week.

Love is a journey

A reflection of self always

There is nothing more to seek

For what we desire most is to be sought

And yet we find what feels like joy 

In places that are temporary

That leave us yearning more

So where is true love

In places we last want to look

In places hardest to discover

That lasting joy

That lasting bliss

Is found by going within

By going into the unknown

Closing your eyes 

In silence

There right there for a moment

I can feel a connection

A connection that is undeniable

That roots me into the earth

Roots me into everything that is alive

Has me feel waves of energy

Waves that overwhelm me

Overwhelm me with love

Everything I desire is here

Within my soul

Did this poem move you? How did it make you feel? I would love to hear in the comments below. Let me know how you felt while reading it and what you got out of it for yourself.

Have a happy holiday season. Take some time to relax, be with yourself and take in the love of your family and loved ones.

In Love,


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