Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

About a year ago now, I watched Oprah interview a woman named Dr. Shefali Tsabary on a book she wrote called, The Conscious Parent.

Oprah said, in her 25 years of interviewing, she had never heard such revolutionary, spot-on advice about parenting.

And I have to agree with her. This interview completely blew me away.

Dr. Shefali was talking about how parents need to awaken their own healing in themselves–heal their own baggage, discover their wounds, and resolve their own unmet needs–so they can raise a child who is resilient.

One of the things that resonated most with me was that she talked about parents letting go of controlling their children, and instead turning inwards to understand why the parent feels “out of control” in the first place. What conditioning from the parent’s childhood caused them to default into leading with control rather than being nurturing and present to what their child is needing and wanting?

This is a pattern I see in romantic relationships all the time! The feeling of needing to “control” someone else so we don’t have to feel out of control in love, to avoid feelings of rejection, disappointment, and hurt.

While Dr. Shefali works with parent-child relationships and I write about love connections, it’s still the same because, whether you’re dating, married, in a relationship, have kids, or don’t have kids, every person we encounter can serve as a mirror to dive deeper into ourselves.

Because, simply put, relationships are reflecting back to you those childhood wounds, the places where you feel inadequate, unexpressed, and unloved, and calling you to heal yourself. Heal them so that you can discover who you truly are–which is a powerful, limitless, fully connected loved being.

I had never heard someone talk about parenting in this evolved way before, so I just had to interview Dr. Shefali for KavitaTV!

We talked about so many things! Including:

Why Dr. Shefali chose parenthood as a framework for inner work that everyone can do and benefit from.

  • Where true boundaries come from, how to find them, and why so many people struggle with boundaries in relationships of every kind.
  • The one emotion that underlies our desire for control in relationships and how, when you leave it unacknowledged, it creates toxic, entangled relationships (parental or romantic).

You can watch the this Kavita TV interview below:

Also, at the end of the interview Dr. Shefali will be telling you more about her transformational summit happening in NYC Live, October 21 – 23. The Summit is called Evolve The Conscious Way and you will get to personally meet and learn from Dr. Shefali and the amazing group of speakers she has put together.

And just for my readers she has offered a discount code where you can get $50 off if you sign up HERE using the code LOVECOACH.

You are going to learn things like…

  • How to end conflict at home
  • How to discipline your children consciously
  • Methods to communicate effectively with your children
  • How to dramatically transform your relationships

And more!

Grab your ticket and get more details about the event HERE.

If you’re a parent or want to be one I highly recommend taking the time out and rescheduling whatever you have to, in order to attend this summit.

It will change your life and the ripple effect of that on your family will be priceless.

I will be there on Friday, and I would love to meet you in person.

Make sure you grab your ticket, while they are available HERE. And remember to use the code LOVECOACH to save $50.


In Love,


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