Committing to myself.

This week I was struggling with feeling the pressure of deadlines quickly approaching for a major project I am working on right now. (In March, you’ll see what I am cooking up!)

Even with all of this work, I also wanted to go on a quick weekend trip to Utah with one of my closest friends.

When I asked myself what do I really want in this situation – work or play, the answer was to be able to accomplish BOTH!

The internal conflict and pressure I felt was real.

It felt like if I go on this trip to Utah and not spend time working all weekend, I will never make my deadlines.

But cancelling the trip would mean missing an opportunity to feed my soul with some inspiration, fun, and adventure with a dear friend.

This exact same conflict arises when it comes to choosing to spend time dating, connecting with the people you love, and simply having a fulfilling personal life versus the pressure to get shit done in order to make ends meet and keep “life” in order.

If I went on the trip, I was afraid that…

I wouldn’t get my work done
I would be acting irresponsibly
I would be burdening my team with more work
I shouldn’t be spending all of this money on a trip right now
I was being frivolous and making the wrong decisions

Well, here is what I discovered this week – my intuition is strong!

Instead of buying into all of these fears, my intuition screamed even louder and insisted I recommit to what lights me up and do what would be fun and exciting.

You see it’s really easy to talk ourselves out of having the experiences that bring fun and excitement into our lives because we also want to be responsible – but when we repeatedly forego what lights us up, we end up disconnecting from ourselves and others.

It’s not easy to put yourself out there to date, to meet men, to have fun, to live a little and still trust you will get everything else done. But with a little practice and re-commitment to yourself – you can do it!

Take it from me, as I write you this from the airplane on my way to Utah. 🙂

I am choosing to LIVE my precious life from a place of connection and excitement instead of from a to-do list that is honestly, never ending.

When you commit to living an inspired life, you can have success in all areas!

Be willing to re-prioritize what matters and don’t forget to ask for (and receive) the support you need along the way.

This week, tell me below what you’re going to do this weekend that lights you up and excites, you, and how are you going to prioritize CONNECTION over your to-do list?

In Love,


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