Where do men hang out?

I have been contemplating lately why so many woman are asking me where to meet men.
My answer…wait for it…EVERYWHERE.

On your way to the grocery store, on a plane, while waiting in line at Starbucks, the man of your dreams could be walking down the same street you are walking up. When you are in your stride and aware of your surroundings you will start to see potentials all over the place.

A client of mine went skiing in Aspen, and while out there, she challenged herself to talk to strangers. It is really easy for her to commit to meeting and networking when it comes to work, she just had never really put that same kind of attention on her personal life. So her mission was to commit to connecting and meeting people anywhere and everywhere. So she did just that while in Aspen.
Her attention wasn’t on finding a man but just to be open and social so on that trip she “picked up” couples, friends, and she also connected with an eligible man!

This is something she would have never done in the past, but she asked the ski instructor helping her pick out her ski gear, if he would be interested in going skiing with her and her friends. And guess what he said…YES. She was definitely attracted to him, hence why she asked.

This was absolutely out of her comfort zone, but she was having fun with it. Not taking herself too seriously and just out to meet people.

Fast forward a couple of days, she went out to dinner with him after the ski date, and made out with him like they were teenagers. This is something she hadn’t experienced in years. It reminded her of what attraction and passion really felt like, she had forgotten on some level. This event alone opened her up to the possibility that Love is POSSIBLE. All it took was being aware of who is in front of her.

Sometimes, we are so busy trying to plan out our love life that we miss out on all the possibilities sitting right in front of us.
If you are in a relationship:

Your version of this same philosophy is to take a moment with your loved one, steal a kiss, indulge in a hug, and/or spoon in bed or on the couch. Usually we are so occupied with our plans and the next thing on the list that we lose out on the moment at hand. The opportunity to remember how you feel with your man, to take in how hot he is, or how lovingly he looks at you, or lovingly looking at him because he is doing the dishes! (this happened to me the other day). It makes a huge difference.

Also, keep connecting with mom’s at the daycare, woman at the gym, as you are connecting you are opening yourself up to letting in love.
This week’s Lovework is:
Take a look around you. Don’t take yourself too seriously nor the pursuit for a man too seriously nor your husband too seriously. Have more fun and open yourself to connecting with ANYONE. It will always lead to something spectacular.

In Love,


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