How to get your mojo back

The other day I was talking to a friend, who is also a coach, about the name of my next program I’m going to be launching.

I told her how I have been obsessing and reworking the name for the last 3 months. It was like I was trying to control every little aspect of this launch in hopes of ensuring that I see the results that I want.

I SO want this next program to make an impact, and get as many women as possible finding and keeping the love they so deeply desire.

Now this intention is really good, however it was creating so much pressure on me to make everything look and sound perfect. Honestly, I was driving myself nuts to some degree!

So as we were talking this through, my friend then said to me, “What if you were to just assume that no one was going to sign up for the program? If you could play that out for a second, how do you feel?”

Now logically I thought, thinking about no one signing up for my next program would be awful. But then I role played with her and I truly allowed myself to FEEL what it would mean if I knew nobody would sign up for the program.

Something weird happened.

I felt a sense of RELIEF wash over me.

I told her, “Well that actually feels good!”

I immediately started to feel WAY more space. It was like if I knew nobody would sign up, I could create anything. I felt excited and ready to just test some ideas out and see how it all worked instead of trying to perfect it before even knowing what was possible.

And so now I’m giving myself that space to create and think outside of the box!

The reason I had to tell you about this experience is because I realized that in LOVE we do the same thing.

I hear from women all the time, “I am just not excited about dating. It feels like hard work.” And “I feel like if I let myself take a break from dating or from “trying” I will be single forever.”

Meanwhile what we are all doing is just trying to keep our head above water.

You know that feeling where you feel like you just have to KEEP going because if you stop swimming you will drown?

Well, the problem with this is, it sucks the fun out of EVERYTHING.

When you aren’t excited about meeting and connecting with men, guess what? You find more men that don’t excite you or just aren’t ready for a relationship.

Now, for some of you dating right now may feel difficult because you are still nursing a broken heart. That’s okay. I totally get that.

I am taking a stand and saying that you are allowed to take the time you need to FEEL BETTER first.

Because once you FEEL BETTER, and then start to date (instead of forcing yourself to date to get over someone) that is how you get your mojo back in LOVE.

Everything we do in life we bring energy to, and if the energy is so-so and coming from this place of not really wanting to do it, resentment and bitterness builds.

When this happens, it’s extremely hard to get the results you want.

If you’re feeling resentment or bitterness around dating, you have 2 choices:

1. Shift your energy to align with being excited to date.

2. Do what you REALLY want to do.

This week your Lovework is to ask yourself:

What if it was OKAY to stop trying so hard to perfect your love life? What if you knew that you will still meet the man and have the family and relationship you desire, no matter what?

If you were to just sit in that for a moment, what does that feel like? Does it feel like a sense of RELIEF or does it feel BAD?

If it feels like a sense of relief, then let that be OKAY. One of two things will happen.

You may just get excited about dating again, and want to continue to take action from this pressure-less place. Or you may want to take a bit of a break around dating to give yourself some space.

I promise it won’t all fall apart or take longer for you to meet the one.

I know this because it is all about the ENERGY! You won’t get the results you desire if your ENERGY sucks.

If it feels BAD to stop trying, and you are still feeling not so excited about dating then you may just need to shift your ENERGY a bit.

To do this, ask yourself what can you let go of, and what is causing you to feel pressure, so that you can feel GOOD again. {Tweet This}

Below in the comments, tell me which one do you feel, and what action you are going to take.

In Love,


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