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Receiving love from family is directly related to finding true love

Happy post-Thanksgiving for those of you that are in the States. I am currently with my family in Cincinnati, spending the holiday with them.

This is a time for gratitude and I am so grateful to you.

The movement I am creating to help as many people as possible see love in a really honest, truthful way wouldn’t be possible without you. So, thank you for reading my posts, participating in my programs and writing to me.

I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

I have to say one of my happiest places on earth is with my family. I can’t explain it.

I don’t know what gets into me other than I get to bask in the love I have for them and the love they have for me.

I am totally and utterly myself with my family.

I am cranky, loving, triggered, angry, sad and child-like. I literally will skip around the house like I am 4 years old.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my family isn’t perfect.

But what is beautiful about us is that we argue, discuss and converse until everything is out on the table.

Often this isn’t the prettiest scene.

It can be emotionally draining and we’re left wondering, “Am I okay? Is everyone okay or did we just do some permanent damage?”

But the truth is I don’t ever need to worry about causing permanent damage.

Although emotionally it totally feels like that, at the end of the day we LOVE each other so much that we choose to allow that to override the hurt and misunderstandings  – because they are inevitable.

I remember a time where being with my family felt extremely hard.

As much as I wanted to be around them, it was difficult. I would feel hurt, disappointed, misunderstood and like I had to fight to be heard.

The major thing I wish someone had told me back then is:

How we choose to see and receive love IS within our control.

I used to wait to have them GET me or SEE me.

The problem with that was they thought they WERE getting and seeing me! It was me that couldn’t see it or feel it.

My family wasn’t making me feel hurt. I was choosing to see it as a me vs. them situation.

When I was doing that I was choosing to relate to them as if I had to be responsible for their happiness.

As you know, it can get complicated.

So if you are experiencing this with your family, I want you to start to practice this:

  1.   Allowing

Allowing yourself to FEEL the stuff that is magical, beautiful and precious. Allowing yourself to FEEL the crap, fears, sadness and hurt.

We are living in a society that constantly wants to keep you OK. Most of us are relating to the closest people in our lives from this place of, “I just want you to be OK” which is great because we love each other a lot.

The problem with this though is that we aren’t letting ourselves or others FEEL life and love. We are keeping each other in a state of OK, which is somewhat numbed out. Meanwhile under the surface there is a lot going on and it is running our love lives.

  1.    Awareness

Notice when you are pulling away from the people that love you. Notice when you are triggered. Ask yourself why are you hurt and angry.

It often isn’t because someone meant to hurt you but because we are scared to get vulnerable or are stuck believing that we can’t be loved in a specific way.

Instead of choosing to feel alone, become aware of why you are feeling what you are feeling and express yourself.

  1.    Feel the LOVE all around you

I know that this time of year can get really hard. If you are single you may be feeling like “Another year has gone by and I am not with someone.” You might be in a relationship where things are going so well and being around family or their family isn’t very easy.

Here’s the thing, we are choosing to feel lonely, we are choosing to disconnect.

So, instead choose to CONNECT. Feel the love all around you. If you can feel it now, you will be able to call it into your life in more profound ways faster.

I want you to reflect and come up with what feels right for you. Then, I want you to implement this in the way YOU think is best. Because the Keys to Love are already in YOUR HANDS!

Without a doubt, the correlation between receiving love from our families and how we relate to men is HUGE.

Really massive.

Highly correlated.

I think you get the point. 🙂

YOU are in the drivers seat and you can and will have love! I believe in you.

Tell me below in the comments, what hit you about today’s blog and how will you get into action in some way because of it.

In Love,


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