I vowed I wouldn’t be alone on New Year’s Eve

I am in Hawaii right now, and it is magnificent. We took a helicopter tour of the island of Kuai and OMG it was amazing!

I caught a cold the first couple of days so I had a little less energy than I would have liked, however being in Kuai and seeing a rainbow out my window which has shutters installed by roller shutters adelaide by the way, is not too shabby even when you are sick!

Right before I left for this vacation several of my clients were saying to me that when the Holiday season comes around they really feel the brunt of being single.

Especially when it comes to New Years Eve.

One of my clients even said to me “Kavita last year I promised myself that I wouldn’t be single on New Year’s Eve, and here I am again single and without a date.”

As soon as I heard her say this, I immediately thought about the New Year’s Eve after Hemal and I broke up.

Well, technically we were broken up but we wanted to spend New Years together. A couple weeks into our breakup (and like most people that were in love and break up) we were still getting over it. For us, that entailed still seeing each other.

We thought it would be fun to try to go to Time Square to see the ball drop.

This was of course on his terms. When he said he wanted to spend New Year’s with me, I jumped at the chance to prove to him that our love was something special and something he couldn’t get anywhere else.

I remember trying really hard not to mention being broken up and trying to stay present and have fun. We made our way to Times Square, and I could feel his distance. It was like he wanted to be there but was so torn.

He was trying to love me but not too much because he didn’t want to lead me on into thinking he wanted to get back together.

It was REALLY HARD to take in.

After the ball dropped and we said Happy New Year, we kissed. I wish I could say it was that magical moment you want to have come alive for you this year – that moment you see in every romantic comedy about New Years Eve.

In reality, it was tragic.

I kissed him and it felt horrible. It felt like I was being punished, like I could physically have him but not emotionally. If you have ever felt that, it is heart wrenching.

I could literally feel a pain in my heart.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want you to know is that yes, New Years is an amazing time. However, we can often make it out to be WAY more important than it really is.

For me that year, I was placing our entire future and how I felt about it on how that moment went.

The reality is that even now, I kiss Hemal and give him a massive hug, say Happy New Year, and then proceed to call my family and friends. The romanticism is still there but definitely not in the same way I tried to make it be when I was single.

Don’t get me wrong, that moment is special because I’m sharing it with someone who LOVES me. But there are also tons of other people who love me that I want to connect with in that moment too.

That is the difference now. When I shared that same moment with Hemal when he and I were broken up, it wasn’t amazing. It felt awful. I had put myself in that position for that moment because I was still hurting. But it was a choice.

So, this is your chance to do one of two things for New Years:

Share it with you best friend, family, or group of girls that are your closest and dearest. People that LOVE you.


Make it an adventure. Have fun with it. It could be kissing a random guy, or setting the intention that New Year’s Eve is going to be a fun NEW experience for you. (I mean honestly it can be really fun and exciting to kiss a random guy on New Year’s. I’ve done it and it was FUN!)

Don’t take yourself out of the FUN because you’re single.

It is time to celebrate what you have created, endured, survived, and accomplished throughout the year and begin creating intentions for the year ahead.  Start your celebration off the way you want it to feel during the YEAR.

Your Lovework this week is to tell me how you want the New Year to FEEL for you. For example, I want my year to feel LOVING, WILD, and RICH. So, I am going to a New Years Gala, where I will be wearing a gown! That will be a first.

Tell us in the comments below what are 2 – 3 words that describe how you want 2014 to feel to you, and how will you make your New Year’s feel that way too. For me the gown is the RICH part. 🙂

Happy Happy New Year. I am so grateful to have you in my life.

In Love,


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