What improv taught me about attracting men

This past weekend, I had my Love Retreat with my amazing women. And boy, was it inspiring! They all showed up having never met one another and left as good friends cheering on and loving one another. It was ridiculously beautiful. Over the weekend, there were moments that I could hardly hold back the tears of joy over seeing so much love exchanged.

The theme for this retreat was having fun with life and love. In honor of this theme, we had Improvisation & Performance Expert Elizabeth Blue come in and teach us improv (just like on that show, Whose Line Is It Anyways?)!

Why did I choose improv for a love retreat? Well, because life can feel pretty serious most of the time. We feel we have to show up perfectly at work, make the perfect decisions, and be the perfect friend. We spend so much energy constantly strategizing our actions in our personal and professional lives.

And we absolutely get caught up in that in love. With men, we put all our energy into trying to be perfect, look perfect, and say the right things on dates or in text messages. We get completely in our heads with men, trying to make it work. And that only ends up pushing love away.

So these improv games gave us a chance to act spontaneously, without a strategy or plan of action — and to start trusting in ourselves that we can handle it!

As you can imagine, many of the women were dreading this at first. But soon they forgot about that and started having FUN with these silly games. I saw them show up like themselves, with no pretenses. They were clever, funny, and intriguing because they literally had to come up with creative ways to express themselves on the spot. They were out of their heads and into their bodies and instincts. At one point, we were all laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt!

Did it feel awkward at times? Totally! And yet, they did it anyways in a courageous and playful way.

In that state of being playful and completely yourself, I don’t know what man wouldn’t be attracted to you. (tweet it.)

So your Lovework for this week is:

Do something PLAYFUL in your life this week! This could be drawing like you did when you were a kid, or finger painting, skipping down the street, or dancing! Do something that gets you in a state of play and fun.

I want to know — what are you going to do this week to get in that state of being playful and having fun? Share with me below!

In Love,


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