My guru told me to, and it shifted everything

Last weekend I got the most amazing voicemail from my guru. And when I say guru, I mean guru, the kind that meditate for hours on end, have given up all attachments, and are on the path towards enlightenment. He is 90 years old, looks like he is 60, and has been in my life since I was a small child. As a child, I would hear him speak and feel moved to live my life with ease, gratitude, and happiness. He first came to America from India in 1978, the year I was born, by way of Harvard. His way of speaking would draw in crowds in the thousands in India, because the way in which he spoke would hit you in the heart and it would be impossible to not be moved by his words.

On the voicemail, he asked me to come over because he was flying back to India and he wanted to give me his blessings before he left. This brought a smile to my face so big, it was literally ear to ear.

The reason I was so excited was because several days before I had a couple of deep life questions that I really wanted some answers to, and I knew no one else in my life could really give me the answers the way he could. And low and behold, there it was, the voicemail that I had desired a couple of days prior.

When I went and visited him, I asked him how he was feeling and how his health was. His answer was, “For 90 years of age, I am great.” I said somewhat jokingly, “What is the secret?” He said, “I wake up every morning and live for today. I don’t think about yesterday, because it is gone, and to drag the past into the present only effects my liveliness today. Tomorrow I have no idea what is in store, and if I don’t live from an alive place today, then tomorrow won’t be alive.”

Again, this hit me in the heart! How much of our life do we spend thinking and dragging the past around, like a badge of honor thinking this is how much I went through…this is how I was hurt…this is what I had to endure and on and on. It only impacts us from feeling what is right here right now in the present, and creating something bigger and more positive. Now, this concept isn’t anything new for most of us, but it is something that many of us are choosing not to practice.

I was again reminded of this on Monday. I went to an event referred to me by my good friend Alex Jamison, called Live In The Moment Experts Ariel and Shya Kane.

I felt moved by them this past Monday and had to write this to you. We are ADDICTED to drama, and working on ourselves, and having BREAKTHROUGHS. Hence, reality TV.

The thing is, there is NOTHING to fix. We are all human beings, having the experiences we are meant to have while we are alive, and EVERY SINGLE one of us has problems, strengths, weaknesses, and superpowers.  Life is WAY simpler than we think. If we keep approaching it with the expectation that you will move forward once you figure this thing out, or once you have the job you want, or once you have the child, or once you have the man you want, THEN you can begin living, then LIFE will just PASS YOU BY.

Real change can happen. I have experienced significant  change in my LIFE. When I say “change” I don’t mean because you are faulty, I mean choosing to live life FULLY and HAPPILY right now. I talk a lot about understanding your parents, and the reason I say that is because too many of us are living in the past, and until we can let go, I mean REALLY let go by creating perspective, we can’t REALLY find LOVE today. That is why I am thoroughly committed to my mission to help you SEE the LOVE you already have in the NOW, to create a future filled with LOVE.

Lovework for this week:

Take one moment out of each day, and tell yourself,  “I choose to be present. I can’t change the past, and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I have the present.” Take in the sounds around you, look out the window, get present to the NOW. See that in the now lies immense possibility and change (aka transformation depending on how you want to look at it).

Tell me how you stay present! Comment below and tell me what techniques you use.

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In Love,


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