Ask yourself this crucial question

Every year around this time I have 8 days that are a religious time 
for me. So, for the past week I have been fasting, going to temple, 
reflecting, thinking back over the last year and asking for forgiveness 
from those that I have hurt in any way through speech, action, or 
thoughts. As a way to ask for forgiveness, we say Micchami Dukkadam. 
Literally how it is spelled is how it is said.

To you, I would like to say the same. In every single love note weekly 
to you, I try to impart my teaching, my understanding, and if in anyway 
it has affected you negatively, I would like to say Micchami Dukkadam.

My love lesson for ya:

My best stuff comes out when I am speaking with clients and this 
week was no exception. I am so invested in them feeling loved, so 
they can attract in love, that something divine flows through me. 
Let’s call my client Nancy. She was telling me about some health 
issues she has been having, and how it has been a chronic struggle 
for her since she was a little girl. She then quickly went into how 
alone it can feel to have a disease, and how there is no one that can 
really help you with it. It is simply something you have to suffer on 
your own, and figure out. Of course, doctors are helping her, but 
sometimes they can’t even totally help.

I asked her if she goes to the doctors by herself, and she emphatically 
said, “YES, I don’t even want anyone to come with me.” I then asked 
her why she does that and said said that “They can’t do anything, 
so what’s the point?”

I said, “There is a point!”

There are people, specifically your mom and dad, as well as close 
friends that want to be there for you, love you and support you.  
Every time you leave them out of the process of being with you in 
those moments, the more alone you will feel. She explained that she 
has had this forever, so she didn’t understand why they would come 
with her every single time. My suggestion was that it may not be 
every single time, but most of the time.

Then I asked her a question that is going to feel a bit morbid, but an 
extremely important question to ask of yourself:

If you were dying, and you knew it, would you want to be 
surrounded by people you love and adore, or be by yourself?

Now death is an extremely alone experience, just like having a disease, 
and honestly, we can feel death alone being single or not having a 
relationship that serves us.

Nancy replied “Why would I want to make others unhappy by 
watching me die? I would rather be alone and die.”

I then realized that THAT is the problem. Nancy has been so 
concerned with burdening others that she wasn’t letting people who 
WANT TO love and support her in.

Can they take away your pain? No, but it absolutely makes the 
experience much more loving, and in some cases LETTING IN that 
love can and has overridden pain for so many people. It is simply 
a choice to let people in.

Every single time I have gone to the hospital I have made sure to ask 
my best friends to come with me. I will also admit that I have pulled 
them out of work to come with me. They are happy to do it, and I 
would be happy to return the love. Of course, my husband will come 
every now and then also, but when it comes to female stuff it is nice 
to have another female with ya. =)

It is essential to shift the way you think about burdening 
others in order to attract in the man of your dreams, and to sustain 
a relationship you have to let HIM love you. If you can’t do that 
with the people that are already trying, how does he have a chance?


Ask yourself this question, “If you were dying, and you knew it, 
would you want to be surrounded by people you love and adore, or 
be by yourself?” Reflect on your answer, then ask one person to help 
you with something this week. I would love to hear what your thoughts are regarding letting people in. Leave a comment below!

In Love,


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