Heal childhood wounds

My right hand woman Michele said,

“These calls are RIVETING. I cried.”

A month back, I asked if anyone wanted free coaching for a part of their life where they felt challenged. The only caveat was that I wanted to share it with others, so they could experience The Parent Work™ process in action.

Below are the three people we chose, and these three women (alias names) will inspire you. They are incredible. They touched my heart.

Each one is challenged by something different, one with success and abundance, another with burnout, and another with relationships in her life.

Below are brief summaries of what you’ll hear. Whichever one resonates with you first, start there. Listen all the way through and reflect on what nuggets apply to you. When you listen like that, you will get SO much out of each call.

Sarah –

Sarah wondered, how do I fully own my current success, so that I can continue to call in more abundance?

Sarah moved back home to NY to fully pursue her career in music. Overtime she built a successful business instructing music classes, which steadily increased her income.

Although logically Sarah knows that she should be proud of her accomplishments, she shies away from it, feeling that deep down people are judging her for her success. If a student comes to her home for class and says, “I really like your apartment,” a part of Sarah cringes. She feels she will be disliked in someway for having so much. She sometimes questions if she deserves it. She knows that some of it is connected to how she specifically feels judged by her parents, but we discovered more.

In our conversation, she connected that she specifically feels resentment or disapproval from her Dad. Listen to see how we work through some of Sarah’s subconscious feelings and beliefs about her Dad and bring them to the forefront.

Then, reflect on your relationship with your parents to see if this helps unlock any subconscious beliefs, specifically around how you feel and relate to abundance. Take a listen.

Sarah Part One

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Sarah Part Two

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Sarah Part Three

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Mona –
Mona wondered, how can I have a better relationship with my Mom because I know it’s impacting every relationship in my life?

Mona’s tried so many tips and tricks found in the personal development world, but nothing has supported her in overcoming the pain that stems from her relationship with her Mom. Mona realized that it’s difficult for her to create relationships that feel deeply connected because of how she relates to her Mom.

She feels like the relationships she does have, with friendships, often turn on her, and she finds herself between two extremes, being intense and standing up for herself or shutting down.

Mona’s mother was abusive to her during her childhood and Mona feels she still isn’t supportive of her life today.

I walked her through how to have several really courageous conversations with her mother. Listen as you hear Mona open up to a level of understanding that she never had before around her mom.

When listening to Mona’s story, reflect on your life and see what you uncover about how you relate to those in your life. Do you have a tendency to shut down, pull away, or go into fight mode? See where those tendencies are coming from, and how you can access more connection. Take a listen.

Mona Part One

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Mona Part Two

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Mona Part Three

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Joan –
Joan wondered – how do I build a foundation for a healthy life and truly take care of myself, and not severely burnout the way I have?

Joan is a professional therapist who is experiencing an extreme stage of burnout. She’s pushed herself to achieve throughout her entire life, powering through to success no matter what the cost. Now she’s at a point of physical and mental exhaustion and she just can’t do it anymore. She’s never experienced this level of burnout before and feels like she’s at ground zero, trying to build a new healthy foundation for her life.

During our coaching sessions, Joan revealed the role that she took on in her family and the weight of responsibility that she feels towards her parents. Through our exercises, she learns how to get back into the child space (I’ll explain what that is) and unlearn some of the limiting beliefs that she’s held onto for decades, which has directly contributed to her burnout.

You might discover some unknown pressures or burdens you’ve taken on, and how to start to release them. Take a listen.

Joan Part One

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Joan Part Two

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Joan Part Three

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