How to keep claiming your desires even when you want to quit

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When you really want something, the journey towards that desire can be filled with extreme sadness and extreme joy.

Have you ever felt that?

Currently we’re putting our attention on having a child, and in that process I have had two miscarriages.

The first pregnancy was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t like we were “trying,” but once the pregnancy test read “YES” I was all in and experienced pure and utter joy in that moment.

I was attached. I was attached to the possibility of the whole thing pretty quickly. I started to dream about the baby blessing, the nursery, the gender, the due date and everything in between.

All those dreams and desires seemed to wash away in minutes.

While I was miscarrying and in the throes of pain, I couldn’t even speak. I just closed my eyes and watched what was transpiring.

A voice said to me, it’s over Kavita, you’re no longer pregnant. That voice had a tone full of acceptance and love, and I felt present and at peace with what had just happened.

Yet the next morning, I was left with a deep emotional pain.

A suffering. Suffering over what could have been. Suffering over the loss of what was possible.

I’ve been there many times, when a desire or the possibility of something doesn’t get fulfilled in the way I thought or expected. It leaves me angry, disappointed, hurt and often lonely.

Underneath all of these emotions are thoughts like, did I fail? Is there something wrong with me?

That thought alone sends me into a whirlwind of sadness. A whirlwind of confusion.

This is where most of us go, into these kinds of thoughts when we’ve claimed a desire and are faced with challenges in the journey towards fulfilling that desire.

That’s why claiming and sticking to our desires can be hard, because we’re also opening ourselves up to facing these thoughts.

I’ve literally wanted to yell at my desires….

“What is the point!”
“Why are you here?”
“Why do I have to even feel you?”
“I just want to be happy and at peace and I can’t because of you!”

Having a dream, a desire, leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable in ways our entire body and mind can resist. And yet it’s there. That desire is moving, pushing, calling us to our next level of growth through the journey of realizing it.

Have I wanted to quit on my dreams, YES! Have I said to myself, can I just be desireless, YES!

If I did actually give up on them, I would be missing the whole point.

I’m telling you this personal story not for you to feel sorry for me, that’s the last thing I want.

I just want you to know I understand. We all go through this, and it’s important to know you don’t have to give up, settle, or ask for less.

This journey is about separating the suffering from the desire. They are two different things.

When we claim the desire, our mind also gets attached to it coming true in a specific way.

But if you were to LET GO of the result or the outcome happening in it’s entirety, you’ll notice something interesting happens…

You get to experience presence. Presence is so powerful.

In letting go of the result, you’re also admitting that you don’t know if you’ll have what you want. You’re admitting that no one knows. You’re allowing the outcome to sit in the unknown and that’s okay.

You’re no longer attached to the outcome.

Hint: if you’re still feeling scared after letting go that means you’re still attached to the result. Once you let go, you’ll feel free!

Then you get to ask yourself one simple question in that present state…

What’s the next step I want to take?

Then the next…

In this present state you become flexible and there’s ease to whatever comes along on the journey towards your desire or dream.

You get to be more of YOU!

And you’ll experience the suffering being separate from the desire.

So, you can stay in action towards your desire or dream, and give it space to evolve and change if it needs to.

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In Love,


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