Feeling Alone? This is for you…

I’ve spent the last week at my parent’s home in Cincinnati, soaking in love, nature (like the flowers in the front yard I included in this post), and re-centering myself.

I am so grateful that I’ve learned over the years what I need to do to help me root back into myself and what I really want. And coming home and having deep fulfilling conversations with my family is a HUGE part of that.

So, I try to come home every couple of months to get what I like to call my “love hit”.

It’s so easy to feel like we’re all alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, in a relationship, or are constantly surrounded by people.

Feeling different, weird, or like no one gets you at times is something we all feel.

I know I do.

In this week’s Soul Level Love Q&A call, one woman asked, “I’m with this man that I’m not that into, but I’m scared of really admitting that to myself and telling him, because then I have to start all over and right now it feels better to have someone then to be alone”.

I heard the word alone, and intuitively told her what I’m about to tell you.

Here’s the thing with thinking we’re alone.

The moment that we have that thought, we have taken for granted so many blessings we’ve been given in our life.

There’s a farmer somewhere in the world that has planted a seed in the ground for the fruit that you are going to eat in the future.

There are insects that support the health of the soil.
Rain from the skies that nurture the plant to grow.
Workers that tend the land, pick the fruit and clean and process it for shipping where it lands in the grocery stores displayed for you to choose.

The clothes that you wear came from cotton that was picked, that then gets processed into some sort of textile. Which after is designed, distressed, dyed, and created for you to choose from a clothing store.

This isn’t me saying don’t ever feel alone, I think there is a lot of wisdom in being and feeling alone.

And this isn’t me saying be grateful for what you have.

This is me saying we often forget that all of us are interconnected. And there is a point at which we also realize that being alone is far from what is actually true.

There is a deep weaving of love, sweat, work, intention, and nurturing that goes on to create everything around us. And we must not forget.

We also impact hundreds, if not thousands, of people daily with our own energy.

One day I was watching Oprah, and she was asked if she had ever been intimidated by certain experiences in her life.

She said, and I’m giving you my translation, “when I have felt that way, I tap into where I came from, my ancestors.

My mom and dad, my grandparents, my great grandparents, my great great grandparents, and everything they had created for me to be here today, having this life.

And suddenly I can feel a lineage of people that are looking after me, supporting me, cheering me on, and I know I’m not alone. I know that when I walk into a room I walk in with all of them by my side”.

When I heard that it hit me in my heart. I use that visualization of my ancestors being by my side in lots of moments in my life, and I often forget about being alone.

So today, I write this post as a reminder for both of us.

You aren’t alone. You have NEVER been alone. And you never will be alone.

Next time, when you feel that way, root into the connectedness of the planet. It will bring you back, when you’re ready, to a place of gratitude and love.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below which pieces of this post hit your heart, or ways you support yourself in seeing how connected we all are.

I’ll be reading all of them!

In Love,


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