the world needs you to claim this

When I think back to the many times I’ve doubted myself or thought something was just too hard or even considered giving up altogether – it’s a lot.

The discouraging thoughts that bombard us on a daily basis can be hard to silence out – especially when we’re facing something that is outside of our comfort zone.

These thoughts are the voices of fear, and when fear is present, you can’t feel what you want, you can’t feel love, and you definitely can’t feel the possibility of your dreams coming true.

When it comes to love – MANY women aren’t claiming what it is that they really want because of these voices of fear.

I’ve been a full time love coach for over 10 years now and so I’ve had A LOT of conversations about love. When I ask someone what they want in love, 8 times out of 10, they say “I just want someone special to spend my life with.”

Then I dig deeper…

I ask them if they want to get married, the response is almost always a yes.

I ask them if they want to have children, the response is also almost always a yes.

I ask, so why didn’t you say those things when I asked you what you wanted?

They then get deeper and reveal that they were scared to declare what they truly want out loud.

You see, after years of wanting something and having it not come true and never feeling any closer to having the kind of love and commitment they desire in their lives, causes hope to disappear and fear to take the driver’s seat.

If this is resonating with you, I want you to know that I understand that you’re scared, AND you can’t let the fear of not having what you desire stop you from boldly claiming what it is you REALLY want.

You must stand steadfast in this area because if you let fear override your desire – the result is eventually giving up on your dreams.

Little by little you convince yourself that you are…

being too picky,
you’ve tried it all,
there are no good men left,
it’s the city you live in,
that you need to focus on your work,
spend time with your family more,
or that you should just be okay with being single.

And you feel your desire your motivation for true love lessen, and the dream begins to slip away.

I’m taking a stand for you having your dreams come true, to not let them slip away.

And I’m going to be the voice of love.

I’m a stand for you not giving up on your desire.

I’m a stand for you to know that what you want is possible.

I’m whispering in your ear, encouraging you to do what it takes for you to fulfill on your dream.


Because when you give up on your dreams the world can feel it.

The energy of fear wins over the energy of possibility, love, and expansion.

And we can’t allow this to happen.

Imagine, a warrioress desiring freedom for her country and deciding in the middle of going to battle that she is going to give up on the idea of freedom.

When you are caught in fear, this is what you are doing in small ways every single day.

Today I want you to CLAIM your dream and fan the flames of your desire for true love.

Because when you truly commit to having the love you want, you will SLAY what you need to within you and outside of you, and you will be victorious.

Today, I am inviting you to become the warrior queen of your desire for soul level love.

The world needs you to commit to this. I really mean it.

Here is your Lovework for the week. Express full out, no holds bar, what you DREAM and desire in love in the comments below. Remember to add at the end of your comment “I CLAIM this desire.”

In Love,


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