Feeling like finding the right man is out of your hands?

When it comes to our love life, it can feel like we have very little control or a say in when or if we will meet “the one”. Yet, the truth is, every result you are getting in this area of your life, you are creating.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but I want to empower you.

If you don’t let go of your out-dated beliefs, like all the good men are taken or, you’re not worthy or deserving of the high quality men or, it’s better to just ‘wait’ for love to just happen, then you’re setting yourself up to keep believing that love isn’t in your hands.

However, love is in your hands and it always has been. You just haven’t been relating to it like that.

I’ve been doing the same thing by the way, in my business.

You see, I know that the root to having the love that you desire is absolutely 100% about uncovering deeper unconscious patterns that are having you making choices and decisions that are pushing love away.

And these core patterns were implanted in your subconscious through how you saw love with and between your parents when you were younger.

I realized several months ago that I was scared of really owning this message in a bigger way. I was scared because honestly I had convinced myself that there would be people that would dislike me for it, and I wanted to be liked.

Truth was I was playing it safe even though I had convinced myself that I was doing everything I could to stand up for what I believe in.

Sound familiar?

I often hear from women how they have tried it all when it comes to love, and I will be honest, what they have mostly put into their dating lives is a lot of worry versus actual action, or shall I say action through a different mindset and from an open heart.

In order to experience progress in anything we do in life – including love, we must be willing to accept that our results have everything to do with ourselves.

I was 100% responsible for my business and whether it grew or not.

When I took that on I initially felt a little overwhelmed, but then I quickly realized I have control, so I can create whatever I desire in my business. That felt freeing to realize.

So, if I was responsible, what was keeping me from having the results I really wanted?

That was the question I was left with.

I had to go inwards. I had to face some of my internal fears. Fears I didn’t even know were there.

I had to dig deeper and ask myself some really profound questions.

Questions like:

When did I decide that I had to be liked?
What did I think was going to happen if I really owned my message?
What was I resisting in the way I saw my Dad be the owner of his business?

And with some help of a coach (because it isn’t easy diving deeper without support), I understood the root cause to what was stopping me from having the results I wanted.

I then used my own methods on myself.

And you can do the same thing with your life.

Ask yourself,

“What are you telling yourself, that is having you believe that you aren’t responsible for the results you are seeing in your love life?”

Then ask yourself,

“What might be stopping or blocking you from having those results?”

Your Lovework assignment this week is to take an honest assessment of where you’re not owning how you’ve been showing up in your love life and the results you’ve been getting.

Be sure to share your “aha” moments with me over in the comment section below!

In Love,


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