How to date when you want kids

Let’s set the scene:

You go out on a first date with a guy you like. In the back of your mind there’s a voice saying, “Hey, you know you want kids, so make sure this guy does too. Otherwise what’s the point in getting to know each other?”

During the date you look for clues. He mentions a niece, so does that mean he likes children?

He talks about how great of a father his dad was – does that mean he wants to be a father?

You’re looking for clues because you don’t want to seem desperate or “baby crazy.” The last time you were straight forward and asked your date if he wanted to have kids – he never called you back.

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter WHEN you bring up wanting kids. What does matter is the energy with which you say it.

In this week’s episode of KavitaTV, my guest Nicole knows she isn’t in a rush to have kids – she wants a good relationship foundation first.

However, she’s struggling to know how to bring kids up without scaring men away. Every man she’s talked to about it in the past disappeared shortly after. It’s important she keeps in mind having kids doesn’t ruin a relationship.   

What I’m sharing can help get you to a place of ease so men aren’t feeling your “baby crazy” energy… and you get clear if he’s right for you and your future family.

After you’re done watching, let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced your desire to have children has stopped you from getting to know a man you like.

In Love,


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