How to let him know you’re not interested (without hurting his feelings)

It is natural when dating and meeting men to meet men that just don’t do it for you. You have that knowingness that he isn’t the one for you, or maybe there’s no physical attraction.

It’s part of the journey, but sometimes we stick around longer than we want to because we’re afraid of hurting him. So, we either keep the communication going because we don’t know what to say or we start to ignore his texts and emails (yes that is still keeping things going). Either way it doesn’t feel good.

Don’t you wish you could just be honest and tell him exactly how you feel, without walking away feeling totally guilty? Especially if he’s a good guy.

It doesn’t have to be completely awkward or uncomfortable.

In this episode of KavitaTV I’m answering a question from a viewer who was dating a super sweet man but there was no physical chemistry. After giving it some time, she knew in her gut he just wasn’t the guy.

Take a peek to see what I suggested she say to him to authentically end their connection. You can use this exact same script in the future or right now for yourself with a man you aren’t feeling it with.

After you watch, scroll down to the comments and let me know how you’ve handled conversations like this before.

Have you ever said, “It’s not you, it’s me” to a man you weren’t into because you felt stuck and just didn’t want to hurt him or didn’t know what else to say? I want to hear the details.

In Love,


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