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Feeling like you’ve never had a relationship?

Last week’s video blog was a hit!

I was so nervous to send it out but it was one of my most viewed blogs ever and I got a ton of great feedback!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch, click here.

In the spirit of feeling like we’re on to something over here – I decided to do another coaching video with a new question that came in for me this week from Devon:

What can I do about the fact that I’ve never had a relationship longer than three months?

The answer Devon and I dove into around this will help you if you have ever wondered:

Why has it been so long since my last relationship?

Why am I a one date wonder?

Why haven’t I ever been in love?

This is such a common question and Devon was so real and vulnerable in letting me help her get to the root of what was going on for her (and this will help you too).

So click on the video below to watch.

After you do, make sure you tell me below in the comments where you’re feeling resistance with your parents and how it’s related to your love life.

We want to hear! I love reading the connections you are making with the deeper reasons we are impacted in love.

In Love,


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