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I’m not excited about dating…so now what?

I received this question the other day from a woman on my webinar:

“Is there a possibility of living in a black hole of eligible men? There are no good men where I live, the men just aren’t doing it for me.”

I said, “Do you have the internet?”

I was slightly joking with her about the internet thing because she was being overly dramatic about the black hole thing. I just wanted her to see that there are available men in the world.

But what I also noticed was the tone in her voice sounded down like she wasn’t excited.

So I asked her, “You have to go deeper. Why aren’t you excited about dating?”

“I haven’t had the best experiences. The last time I really really dated the men still took you out on dates. Now it’s gone to ‘chilling’ and men just wanting one night stands”

That answer didn’t feel quite right so I continued:

“Denise, it energetics. You’re calling in people who aren’t the right match because you’re just not excited by dating in general. You’ve got to figure out why. It’s almost like you’re assuming you’re going to be disappointed before you even try.

And then we got to it.

She said, “Nobody’s ever perfect. It’s just who you chose to work through things with.”

In that moment, I could feel myself cringe – not at Denise but the mindset of thinking you just choose someone to work through things with, not someone you are excited about working through things with.

So, I did what any good coach does, I made up an analogy…that’s when chocolate ice cream popped into my head.

Let’s say you love chocolate ice cream and you go to the ice cream store and they tell you they have strawberry. Are you going to be excited about having ice cream?

Denise’s response of course was, “No”

I said, “Right, exactly. You love chocolate. But you keep telling yourself strawberry is okay. That you should just be happy you’re getting any ice cream at all.”

“You are allowed to have chocolate ANYTIME you want. There is pretty much chocolate at every ice cream store. Now isn’t that exciting?”

She said, “YES!”

Basically Denise didn’t know that deep down she wasn’t excited about love. This was a Love Block, something she couldn’t see was in the driver’s seat of her love life,

This 4 minute transformation for Denise was huge. She was bold enough to ask a question and she got some serious insight.

This is how the Soul Level Love course works. Each week you’re going to discover something you couldn’t see about how you’re relating to yourself, men, and love.

That awareness goes a long way.

THEN we take that awareness and get you into action. That is when you start to feel lighter, empowered, and more in control of your love life.

When that happens, meeting a high-quality man anywhere, at anytime is possible.

So, are YOU ready for some chocolate ice cream in your life?

In Love,


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