Does love have to be so complex?

I can feel the Fall breeze in the Summer air. This Summer was filled with LOTS of family time.

We as a family (my mom, dad, and brother) have had some heart-probing breakthrough conversations.

I’m going to be writing about this soon.

What I’ve realized on a whole new level is that at any point, the most important people in my life could pass. And any feelings I harbor but don’t say to them will come back to haunt me.

I’m so committed to my own personal freedom that these conversations with my family have freed me into a space of LOVE that can’t be described in words.

Leaving you with this thought: When we create a powerful connection with the people who created, shaped, and nurtured us – we can access limitless LOVE.

It’s my mission to continue to bring the tools to help create those connections to you each and every week.

In today’s episode of Kavita TV, we’re talking to Tina who is in a relationship and has been wondering if she’s wasting her time – or if she should give her relationship more space to grow.

See what was happening was that Tina finds physical touch (things like cuddling and holding hands) super important when it comes to expressing affection.

A lot of times, when Tina would ask for cuddle time with her boyfriend, he would object or say he needed space.

But there were also other times when he would offer it and initiate willingly.

These mixed messages would throw her into a place of “Is he the one for me or not?”

Check out what I say to her, and also look at what keeps you from really knowing when someone is right for you.

Watch this weeks episode of KavitaTV.

At the 10:50 mark, I reveal exactly what she needs to ask her boyfriend to get clear on why there’s been a disconnect, which will help her know if she should stay or go.

When you’re done with this episode, leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

In Love,


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