How to deal with anxiety when you’re waiting for a man to text back

Have you ever been texting with a guy and the minute you press “send” it’s like you’re bracing yourself to see what he says back? 

And during the in between space, from the moment you send the text to receiving his response, there is a ton of second guessing and anxiety. We can even feel a little obsessed like we can’t think or do anything else until we hear from him again. 

We obsess over…

Did I say something that made me come across as too needy?

Was I funny or clever enough in my response?

Is he going to think I am stupid or a little too much in my response? 

I totally get it. Been there!

In this weeks KavitaTV episode, I’m sitting down with my amazing guest and dear friend Nitika who was experiencing the same thing when she was interacting with a man she liked.

I guided her through a specific visualization that took her from feeling totally confused to a place of trust. This tool has helped her over and over again.

Click below to watch!

This is really my sweet spot- answering specific questions for you and providing you with the fundamentals of finding and keeping love so you can bust through your love blocks and start to create epic love in your life.

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Often we think, “Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out on my own? Or just ask my friends for help? Don’t we just run into it?”

There is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is impossible to find and keep the kind of extraordinary love you want without the support. We can’t see what is stopping us and that is my mission in Soul Level Love. It’s my goal to help you see what you can’t see for yourself right now. This program WILL be the thing that transforms the way you relate to men and relationships forever.

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In Love,


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