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I had a group of private clients attend a retreat with me this past weekend here in LA.

It was my last retreat for a while, so it was emotional in many ways.

I freaking love my clients – they keep me real and they have grown in immeasurable ways.

The way they relate to love, themselves and men has completely transformed.

At the end of the retreat, imagine us on the Santa Monica beach.

We were sitting in a circle on a white bed sheet, sun just starting to set, and I close the weekend by telling them know how grateful I am for them.

Then, in return, they shared how grateful they were for me. This was a practice in receiving for all of us.

One of the women looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you for not letting us settle.”

That hit me instantly. I started tearing up because she summed up in one sentence everything I stand for.


There was a theme this weekend for the women in the group around moving to a new city.

I wasn’t surprised.

Most of these women are making huge strides in love (I will reveal more on this) AND in their career and life.

See LOVE is connected to everything you are creating in your life.

In fact I feel it is the root to having our dreams become a reality.

One of the women is moving from NYC to Buffalo (upstate New York).

Another is moving from NYC to Albany and LA (she is also doing the bi-coastal thing).

As they shared this, they started to wonder if they are going to be able to find men that are high quality, well educated, have their sh*t together and are spiritual.

They said, “It seems like they would exist more in bigger cities.”

I told them both it has NOTHING to do with what city you’re in.

I have talked to women in LA, NYC, Chicago, Iowa, London, even a village in France.

They all say the same thing:

There are not enough good men here.

Men have more choices than we have as women.

The men just want one thing, they aren’t the kind of men I would want to date.

I looked at both of them and said, “It doesn’t matter if you are in Buffalo or San Francisco. You can meet the love of your life ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME, IN ANY MOMENT.” {Tweet this}

If you approach your love life from that perspective then you will see all the eligible men around you.

One of the ladies  has recently fallen in love with a really good man and she met him because he was sitting next to her on an airplane.

Another women moved from Chicago to Seattle and has fallen in love with a man she knew for years, but never considered him in that way.

Another women is getting engaged soon and met her man on the street while walking home one day.

So if you are under the impression that it’s the city you live in and the men suck there then that thought is holding you back in love.

We are clever, our minds can come up with a lot of reasons (aka excuses) to why we are still single.

Our ego will usually hold something outside of ourselves responsible (like where we live).

Love is an internal game.

I don’t mean you need to fix or change anything about yourself.

It is about letting yourself realize, explore and discover parts of yourself that you don’t even know you are hiding.

When you let yourself shine, those high quality men you want will start coming your way.

Your Lovework this week is to consider the question:

If you change your mindset from ‘It is the city I live in’ to ‘I can meet someone anywhere, at any time, in any moment.’

What opens up for you?

Let me know below in the comments.

In Love,


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