This 2-minute video encompasses everything I teach

Not too long ago, a client of mine sent me a video and said, “I totally thought of you when I saw this!”

It’s called the Could Have Been Love Story, and LOVED it.

I wanted to share it with you today because it is an eye opener around how much we filter ourselves and how when we choose to stop ourselves from being fully expressed, it keeps everyone around us from being fully expressed.

If you have ever wondered what to say in a text message or how to communicate something to a man because you are concerned about the way he will take it, then you have to watch this video.

It epitomizes everything I believe in and teach.

Click below to watch

The other day, someone said to me, “Isn’t the key to relationships, communication?”

I started to say yes and then stopped myself.

I said, “The key to LOVE is to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves first. Then, being able to communicate that, and ask for what we need.”

You have no idea how much miscommunication is happening in the world. A TON.

When we get triggered and hurt, we immediately close up and then we have no access to trying to understand what the other person is really telling us (typically it isn’t what we made it to mean).

Communication means nothing without vulnerability.

Vulnerability creates a connection that cannot exist when you are just trying to be nice or not rock the boat or you’re scared to express yourself because of rejection and how someone will “think of you”.

I get it though.

We are all doing it and we have some real heart blocks to letting vulnerability lead because we have been really hurt in the past.

We vowed to never go there again and built a wall around our hearts to protect us.

It is my goal every week to help you make accessing your heart FEEL safe again.

I want to help you pull a brick off that wall, become aware of the unknown blocks and RELEASE them. Make an effort of letting yourself BE more of YOU in all of it’s glory.

To LET yourself be self expressed and get vulnerable.

It is the hottest, most attractive thing I could teach you because not only do the men flock and admire this, but it inspires everyone around you.

Trust me I have seen and experienced it personally.

So, when we hear in our heads:

What if they get defensive?

What if they don’t get me?

What if they won’t like me anymore?

What if they judge me?

You let yourself FEEL all of that and know that it is worth more to be self expressed more.

Your Lovework this week is to watch the video and do what it says at the end of it.

Also, tell me below in the comments, what stops you from telling someone how you really feel?

In Love,


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