Can I date men at work? [video blog]

I’m pretty excited to share this weeks video blog.

Kristin came to me with a great question:

Kavita, one of the biggest hurdles I have as a very active career woman is that the men I meet are most often in my business life.  I don’t know how to walk that fine line of keeping professionalism or overcoming the fear of ruining a business relationship by dating men at work. Are there rules for dating a coworker?

Intuitively, I know it’s stupid, but I also watch the various players (male and female) who do it poorly – been to a conference lately?! – and never want to be “them.” What should I do?

I totally get it. It is confusing when you spend a lot of time at work, and wonder can I date someone at work? Is that appropriate?

In today’s video blog, watch me coach Kristin LIVE (in one take), and get the answers to why it might be hard for you date men at work even though you are meeting some pretty amazing, available (not married) men, or what might be stopping you from really opening up to men that are already in your life in someway.

Make sure you check out the Lovework at the end of this video and leave me a comment below about what you learned about your situation and love life from me coaching Kristin on hers. There are ALWAYS parallels.

In Love,


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