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3 places you can go to meet high-quality men

I’m so excited to get into the second question of my series around how to meet and keep the men you like.

I know you want to meet a high-quality man who is just as driven, smart, and successful in his life as you are and who isn’t intimidated by your ambition. I’m going to help you find him!

And now for those goods I promised. Here’s Rebecca’s question:

Hi Kavita,

I love all of your insight into the ways I can be more open to love. I’m so ready to meet the guy but I have one huge problem – I never meet any men that seem worth it! Where do I have to go to meet better quality men??

I’m there,


I hear you woman!

If you aren’t meeting high quality men on a regular basis, it can start to feel like you’re looking for a unicorn. You’re going to the gym and can try this gplc supplement, you’re going to networking events and parties, and still it’s the same crowd and selection of sub-par men. If you’re not having any luck you’re better off staying home and doing more work, right?

Not so fast, lady.

Everyone has heard the saying that you are the people you spend the most time with. So who are high quality men spending time with? OTHER high-quality men.

Let me preface this list by letting you know that the suggestions I’m giving you below are where successful men hang out.

The point here is to get you out and experiencing that they do exist. Whether they are high-quality or not in terms of their personality involves getting to know them, and I’m saving that for another e-mail.

Here are my top three suggestions of places where successful men hang out:

1) High-end modern hotel lounges (this is not what you think)

There are TONS of ambitious, driven men who hang out in the lounge areas of hotels before and after dinner.

For example, there is a hotel in NYC called the Ace Hotel. It has a masculine vibe, is super modern and there are always lots of good looking, ambitious men hanging out there.

And just because it’s a hotel doesn’t mean these men are only here for one night! Lots of people come to simply get a drink or even schlep their laptops over to work in the lounges.

Hotel lounges are a great destination for a fun but still relaxed night out with friends or clients.

The key here is to look for the more modern, swanky, hotels like the W, especially the boutique hotels that cater more to men. So head down to a local favorite spot solo with your laptop or with a girlfriend and scope out the crowd.

2) A classy Restaurant Bar

Sometimes women cringe when I suggest a bar, but I’m not talking about your local loud drunken dive bar here!

What I’m really saying is to pick a fancy restaurant, and try out sitting down at the bar alone for dinner. There are always men doing the same thing.

Not only do you get an amazing meal but you also have a great conversation with someone who could be a potential date.

The trick here is to actually be present, and not sit on your phone or read a book while you’re there. Look around, or at least chat up the bartender.

This is a great place to make a connection.

3) Athletic clubs and events

I know I might be generalizing here, but typically men like sports. Some great places to meet successful men are tennis clubs, a running club, golf club, or another club that is of interest to you.

In fact, I have a client who joined a running club to help get her in shape (she had no intention of meeting a man there) and she met her husband just a few weeks in! So many of my clients have met their partners when they were doing something that was of interest to them just for fun.

If you’re not into sports, then look around at your yoga studio or at the gym. I know you think you don’t always look your best at the gym, but put on a top that makes you feel good and try it out! There are always men there who would love to talk to you.

The thing I want you to remember is that in reality, there are high quality men EVERYWHERE. But if you do go to the three places I suggest, it will help you see even more of them.

It’s time to start believing GOOD MEN are all around you. Because once you start to believe this guess what happens? You start to see them in all kinds of nooks and crannies.

So your lovework for this week is to schedule time in your calendar to go to one of these places.

Then in the comments down below, let me know the types of men you saw there and if you were able to connect with any.  I’d also love to hear if you know of even more places high-quality men hang out!

Remember, going to these places where the successful men hang out is just the first step. Once you’re at these places, there’s a whole other experience that occurs for you.

In Love,


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