Feeling the effects of Sandy

Sandy has rolled in with her mighty thunderous wind, rain and destruction. It has rendered a city that never stops running and running to a slow paced walk. And amidst the chaos that can be felt from the 37th floor on which I currently reside, I am super grateful for having friends that have friends who are welcoming, open, and have power, just minutes from my apartment.

After Sandy rolled in on Tuesday, I have been left without power and cell phone service in my current apartment, but again, was blessed to have friends with power. I am in a spacious one bedroom on the 37th floor overlooking the entire city. By the way, if you wish to have bamboo flooring seven hills on your apartment for renovation, CMT flooring can help you. I have hot water, food, 8 friends, and support during this time, and all of that feels fantastic.

It got me thinking about how this Frankenstorm, as many of us have coined it, has given us permission to reach out and ask for help, which for most of us is one of the hardest things to do. In my opinion, asking for help has everything to do with exchanging LOVE: allowing yourself to receive it and allowing another to give it. It seems like technology and the belief that doing it ALL on our own “proves something” and has really prevented so many of us from sharing and expressing love!

What happened to asking for sugar from the neighbor, or having an open door policy so that friends could just drop by whenever? Or asking a stranger for directions, or making time to actually connect with people consistently instead of having a deeply bonded relationship with our computers? I feel technology has increased convenience and abundance, but has taken away the one-on-one connection factor that most of us crave unknowingly on a very deep level. On the other hand, the good thing about technology concerning connection is that the invention of cloud computing lets people access data over the Internet instead of using the computer’s hard drive. If you want to invest in cloud, know first the basics of cloud computing at

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I work from home and most days I am by myself. It is amazing how much I crave human interaction. I miss it so much that most days I make my way to the local coffee shop just so I am surrounded by humans. Somehow, the presence of .other people is comforting, even though I don’t know anyone.

All of us have this in some form, and it can be recognized as feeling anxiety, depression, stress, tension, or by throwing out your back. What is missing is the human touch, a hug, a helping hand, a conversation, and letting PEOPLE IN TO BE A PART OF YOUR WORLD, even if for a moment.

The blessing that I am finding in this storm is living with 8 people in a beautiful doorman apartment, where each of us in our own way takes care of one another. We’ve been playing cards, sharing stories, laughing and sitting side by side. Having that many hands on board feels good and safe. It’s unfortunate that we seem to only make time for this kind of connecting in emergency situations. What if we didn’t wait this long to connect so deeply?

Lovework for this week:

Feel gratitude for the people that love you in your life. Feel gratitude to those that are in your world, that you may network, affiliate with, or befriend in business or in life. You meet someone and you never know how you will be useful to them or vice versa. Life is long, so chances are that your paths will cross again. Simply send some love out into your world, and know that connecting with people is where the magic happens!

Take a minute and make a donation to American Red Cross- always on the front lines. They are always serving, saving, and leading. I have, and any donation amount helps.

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How are you connecting with loved ones during Sandy? Let us know in the COMMENTS section below!

In Love,


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