The meaning of my name + V-Day love

I wanted to send you some LOVE today on V-day. And I want you to know that is my goal with every post: to send love your way every single week.

The reason I feel YOU deserve LOVE is because there is seriously no other person in the world like you. And that is all that is required for me to LOVE you! Cheesy but true.

I wanted to share a LOVE poem that I wrote for you today. And funny enough, in Hindi, my name means poetry. I guess my parents knew what they were doing in naming me, because often I will be inspired to just stop and write a poem… like I was today.

I am sending you my LOVE because LOVE shouldn’t
just be shared with a few on a certain day

LOVE can be given like a penny, easily, setting you
up to feel it and have another too

LOVE is our essence – it is something that flows, and
we have the power to give it whenever we choose

LOVE, when really received, can feel like being wrapped
up in a plush 1,000-thread count blanket

LOVE is modest – it isn’t fireworks and fanfare

LOVE is peace – it is understanding – it is compassion

LOVE can be felt and seen all around us if we choose to
see it

LOVE is in an embrace, in service, in words

Once you fall in love with LOVE you start to experience
what if feels like to LOVE yourself

Who are you choosing to LOVE today and how are you
drinking in the LOVE you are receiving?

In Love,


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