Send Out Your Love Flare (3 Magic Words)

The most common questions I get are:

“Why am I attracting all of the wrong kind of guys? Why can’t I attract a man that I am equally attracted to, one who gives me butterflies when I am around him?”

I then ask them, “do you trust men?” I then ask, “do you trust yourself enough to know who is right for you and who isn’t? OR are you consistently questioning your judgment or yourself when you are around men?”

Well, if a “YES” appeared in your mind like the black 8-ball fortune teller thingy mijiggy, then you want to ask yourself, “Is my love light on so that my dream man can find me?”

Let me first define what your love light is when it is on. What it means is that you are open. You are not questioning people’s intentions. You are not trying to guess how you can impress or not impress the man you’re with. You are in a space where you feel right with yourself, and you are letting that shine.

In one word, you are embodying TRUST. When you trust yourself and others you are tuned into attracting exactly the kind of man you are looking for in life, and you stop trying to make things “work” with the men that deep down inside you know you aren’t so thrilled about.

There is a study that shows the power of choosing to TRUST and I am sharing it so that you can see the power TRUST can have.

Nancy Carter and J. Mark Weber asked a group of MBA students whether people high or low in trust would be better at detecting lies. 85% of the MBA students thought that low trusters would be better at detecting lies than the high trusters.

Carter and Weber weren’t so sure. They measured 29 participants in how trusting they were and had them watch eight videos of staged job interviews. (Carter & Weber, 2010).

In the simulated job interviews, half of the interviewees were completely truthful and half told a variety of lies to make themselves more attractive job candidates.

The high trusters were significantly better than the low trusters at detecting lies. This finding extends a growing body of research suggesting that high trusters are far from gullible and that low trusters’ defensiveness could actually cause negative repercussions for themselves.

My translation of this study is that when you’re in a trusting state you are in alignment with your intuition. You are open to noticing and taking in all of the little subtleties of everything around you, instead of closing yourself off to being affected by other people’s energy.

It seemed from the study that the high trusters were more likely to pay attention to the classic signs of lying, which include fidgeting and changes in vocal intonation and quality.

So, the way this plays out in attracting the man of your dreams is that when you are in a trusting state, your love light is on. Now your ideal man has some sort of flare to be looking out for, and he begins to see the signs that get him closer to you. And you easily bypass the men that your love light is not in tune with.

There are many ways to cultivate TRUST for yourself, and I will be getting into that more in the next several blogs, but as an easy tip to start you off, simply say to yourself out loud: “I TRUST MYSELF.”

You will instantly feel a shift. This is now your mantra before you go to bed, when you wake up in the morning, while you are out at a party, or on a date. With just these three words, you will begin to see the magic flow.

In Love,


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