Cutting off your parents will keep you from feeling free

I had an introductory call with Samantha (anonymous name) several weeks back before she became a client. She said her relationship with her parents was awful and that they were often emotionally abusive. In that call, Samantha told me ... READ MORE

second guessing

I’ve been seeing my acupuncturist (@healerfrank if you’re on Instagram) for the last 10 months, and he played a big part in supporting me emotionally and physically in getting pregnant. My sessions with him feel like therapy and a spa ... READ MORE

How to have a life changing moment of acceptance

I’m not going to lie, giving birth to Sohum and entering into full fledged motherhood has been full on in every way. It’s magical at moments when he smiles from ear to ear, and hard when he’s bawling and you have no idea why. In ... READ MORE

Do you want to be wanted?

My friend, Paul (fake name), and I jumped on the phone the other day to catch up, and he dove right into how annoyed he’s been with his Dad. He and his Dad are in business together, and as you can imagine, there can be a lot of ... READ MORE