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Woman freezing up, nervous

The real reason you freeze up in front of men you like.

I really want to up the ante and give you some actionable advice to roll into the new year because you have a busy schedule, a demanding career, and a full life – you don’t have time for the same old dating advice. That’s why you ... READ MORE

What you need to know to make this your year for love

Happy New Year! I landed in LA this week, and I am living out here for the next two months (exchanging the cold for the sun this year – YAY!). During calls to my closest friends this week to catch up, the main sentiment is, “This year ... READ MORE

I vowed I wouldn’t be alone on New Year’s Eve

I am in Hawaii right now, and it is magnificent. We took a helicopter tour of the island of Kuai and OMG it was amazing! I caught a cold the first couple of days so I had a little less energy than I would have liked, however being in ... READ MORE

I totally blew off this guy

Back in September during a retreat with my Love Mastery program, we had a private Man Panel come in to answer all kinds of questions that the women had. It was brilliant – I hand picked what guys I wanted to be a part of this Man ... READ MORE

This man continues to inspire me in my life

I am currently writing to you from 30,000 feet up, on my way to the Dominican Republic for some downtime, rest, relaxation, and a whole lot of FUN. We all need more fun in our lives and the harder you work, the bigger doses of fun you ... READ MORE

Want to ask friends to set you up? (script inside)

I am currently in Tampa, Florida visiting my in-laws, my brother and sister in-law, and my 5 nieces. Yes I said 5! We’re having so much fun. We were all Super Heroes for Halloween and I, of course, opted to be Wonder Woman We had our ... READ MORE

Do you think I am smart?

The Fall weather is here, and it’s one of my favorite times of year. It’s been Fashion Week here in NYC, so it has totally got me in the mood for shopping for new Fall clothes, boots, scarves, and more so do not forget to visit ... READ MORE

Here is your truth bomb for this week

As soon as Labor Day passed, Fall has arrived here in NYC. Crazy! I love the Fall. It feels like the year is starting anew in some way. This week is a religious week for me. Being Jain, this is our high holiday: a time for reflection, ... READ MORE

Do you need to have similar interests to be a love match?

Last Saturday night, over some yummy veggie sushi and great conversation, my friend Melissa’s friend Leslie leaned over and said, “Can I ask you a question, Kavita?” I said, “Absolutely!” I love questions because it is our way of being ... READ MORE