Author: Corey

That was a scary conversation

“You make me have the scariest conversations, Kavita!” I hear this a lot. It’s because relationships are built on conversations. Conversations have us feel connected or not to someone, moment to moment. Through conversations, I ... READ MORE

There are no rules when it comes to love

I know I’ve been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks. I just entered my third trimester. We are 35 weeks in! Wow. I’m preparing for baby boy to come into the world in the next 4 – 6 weeks. I wanted to make sure to pop ... READ MORE

admitting this is hard sh*t

I turned to him and said “I feel like you’re getting defensive, and translating what I just expressed to you as criticism. The truth is, I’m just reflecting back to you tendencies that can help you have more of what you want in your ... READ MORE

“I’m great at falling in love, but horrible at picking”

The other day I ran into a friend on the street, it was such a pleasant surprise. He was with a friend of his. My friend introduces me, “Kavita is a coach for love.” The friend said “nice to meet you”, pauses and then says, “I’m great ... READ MORE

The trick to staying open in relationships

The other day, I was sitting across the table from my good friend Kate. She’s the type of friend that if you call her or text her, 9 times out of 10 she picks up or texts back immediately. I can always count on Kate. Even her “Hi, how ... READ MORE

Do you keep thinking about what he’s thinking?

I met up with an old friend a couple of weeks ago, and when she walked into the restaurant she was radiating. There was an energy exuding from her. This peaked my curiosity. I said to her, “you’re glowing, what’s going on?”. We sat ... READ MORE

Feeling Alone? This is for you…

I’ve spent the last week at my parent’s home in Cincinnati, soaking in love, nature (like the flowers in the front yard I included in this post), and re-centering myself. I am so grateful that I’ve learned over the years what I need to ... READ MORE

How to Break Down the Walls Around Your Heart

We’ve all made mistakes in love. I mean, I know I’ve made hundreds. And often when we make those mistakes, we make it mean that we shouldn’t ever do ____ (fill in the blank) again. That what we did in the past was WRONG. Maybe while ... READ MORE

Do you have to be happy to find love?

I love reading the Modern Love section of the New York Times. Friday morning as I woke up, a new article had posted that had a line I had to write to you about. The line said: “Everyone says you have to be happy with yourself before ... READ MORE