Author: Corey

How To Have A Meaningful Connection With Your Mom

Today I’m sharing my secrets to having meaningful conversations, so that you can connect with more people in your life on a deeper level. Especially for those of you in the States celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend and want to have ... READ MORE

I was thinking, “Maybe I’m not good enough…”

Within the first year of starting my business, I was rejected by 40 women. I had conversations with each of them around how I could support them in their love lives, and when I asked if they would like to work with me I got “no”, “no”, ... READ MORE

how one conversation changed everything

This past week I was listening to a Youtube talk by Osho (a deep thinking philosopher). During the talk, Osho shared something that immediately stirred up a rush of emotions. He said… Parents are told to sacrifice for their ... READ MORE

the world needs you to claim this

When I think back to the many times I’ve doubted myself or thought something was just too hard or even considered giving up altogether – it’s a lot. The discouraging thoughts that bombard us on a daily basis can be hard to ... READ MORE

Kavita and Hemal on the beach

Feeling disappointed because he isn’t here yet?

Have you been feeling exhausted, disappointed, or even angry because you feel like you’ve been looking for that special man forever and the love of your life isn’t here yet? Or do you keep having experiences where the man doesn’t ... READ MORE

Feeling like finding the right man is out of your hands?

When it comes to our love life, it can feel like we have very little control or a say in when or if we will meet “the one”. Yet, the truth is, every result you are getting in this area of your life, you are creating. I don’t mean to ... READ MORE

How my single brother is changing his results in love

I was talking to my brother yesterday, and if you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll remember hearing several stories about my brother’s journey to love (and yes – he approves of me sharing this with you all ;)). So he ... READ MORE

Why you might still be thinking about him

Have you ever met a man that has amazing presence, he’s hot inside and out and there is just something irresistible about him that draws you in? He asks the right questions, says all the right things, and you feel completely met, ... READ MORE

Compromise is NOT the key to every relationship

I’ve been studying relationships for over 20 years. My insatiable curiosity has me seeking the truth behind what makes a relationship profoundly connected, passionate, and intimate. I am especially interested in what draws people ... READ MORE

I love you because you exist

When I was little, on Valentine’s Day my mom would make us heart shaped pancakes in the morning. After school, she greeted us with a big hug and a special heart covered glass filled with heart-shaped ice cubes made out of Hawaiian ... READ MORE