When you don’t feel good enough for the man you want

When you see a man you like…a man you might even feel is “out of your league” – does your mind start to list out all the ways you aren’t good enough?

Oh, I’m not pretty enough for him.

I’m too old – he’ll think I’m desperate.

He wouldn’t be interested in a woman like me.

And THEN you think, “That’s okay, he’s probably not available anyway. He’s probably married or has a girlfriend. I’m fine being single.”

It’s interesting how easy it is to desire a relationship and then- when it’s right in front of you – talk yourself out of it because you’re scared.

My guest on this week’s KavitaTV episode, Dawne, would respond to men this way too.

If you’ve struggled with jumping between wanting a relationship and also convincing yourself you don’t need a man in your life – really pay attention to our conversation. Especially around the 9:00 minute mark.

I help Dawne get clear on why she keeps finding reasons it wouldn’t work out with men she likes, and exactly what she has to do to stop the pattern for good.

It’s a change you can make for yourself as well. Just ask yourself the same questions you see me ask Dawne.

Watch this week’s episode of KavitaTV & start letting the right men into your life.

After you’re done, let me know in the comments if you’ve ever seen a man you liked and immediately talked yourself out of it. What were your thoughts?

In Love,


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