How to get a guy to ask you out

Have you ever gone on a date or two with a man you really liked, and then all of a sudden you get stuck in texting limbo?

You’re sharing how your days are, what you’re up to – but he never asks you out again.

Now you’re just sitting there thinking, “What the hell? If he’s not going make plans to see me again then why are we still talking?”  

His contact makes you second guess because if he really wasn’t THAT interested, he wouldn’t even talk to you, right?

In this week’s episode of KavitaTV I’m answering this exact question for my client Nadia, who was stuck in texting limbo with a man after 3 amazing dates.    

They met while she was visiting family from out of town, and she had plans to fly back the next month. She was frustrated because she wanted to see him again, but didn’t want to do the initiating.

Check out this episode of KavitaTV to hear my breakdown of why men do this – and what you need to say to end the back and forth

After you’re done watching, make sure to visit the comments to let me know if you’ve ever experienced texting limbo. What did you do to break it? Do you just wait it out until he says something, or make a move.

In Love,


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