Should you date a man with kids?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man who had kids before you got together?

Or maybe totally written a guy off if he had children, without letting him take you on a date?

A man with kids can be unfamiliar territory, and there are plenty of reasons to want to be cautious:

From wanting to have children of your own (and wondering if he’ll want more with you)…

To worrying that his kids will always have priority over your relationship

And maybe even feeling a little uncomfortable with his relationship with their mother – whatever that looks like

This is exactly what this weeks KavitaTV guest, Sofia was experiencing. She wanted to know, “Should I date a man with kids?”

Together, we got to the root of what was keeping Sofia closed off to men with kids.

She had experiences in past relationships that made her feel like the man’s children took priority over her – but at the 15:20 mark we discover what was happening internally for her to create this pattern.

I know this is something you can relate to.

So check out this weeks episode of KavitaTV and let me know in the comments if you can relate or what your experiences dating men with kids has been.

I read them all!

P.S. You may recognize Sofia from an earlier episode of KavitaTV, where we talked about how she wasn’t sure if she should keep putting herself out there or just give dating a rest. So much has changed for her since that filming (She even went through my Soul Level Love program). Sofia has done such amazing work and I’m so proud of her – I couldn’t wait to help her shift THIS pattern for good. Check out the episode here.

In Love,


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