Should I meet him in person?

I have been deep in creating mode this week. It feels good.

We are creating a new communication product for all of you. We have created th 6 mindset shifts that can help you communicate with men easily. Doesn’t that sound awesome!? I am committed to cutting out as much of the anxiety that occurs for us in the dating process, and in our relationships, so we can easily say what we need and want.

My team and I have been pouring hours into it and we are really excited to tell you all about it soon.

Today’s episode of KavitaTV is like a sneak peek of what can happen when you take on these mindset shifts.

I reveal a little secret on how to know when you should meet up with the guy you’re talking to online. This trick can even work if you are debating whether or not to go on a second date with someone you’ve already met.

If you’re in the online dating world, it can be frustrating to spend days messaging back and forth with a guy waiting for him to ask you out.

How much do you really need to know about each other before you decide to meet? And on that same note, how can you know enough so that when you do meet, you haven’t totally wasted your time?

Watch today’s episode of KavitaTV to hear what I tell all of my clients in this situation so you can interact with men online in a fun and easy way that still gets to the core of what you want to know:

Do I want to get to know this man more to see if he is a potential match or should I move on?

Online dating doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a stream of boring conversations.

It can actually be a lot of fun.

After you check out the episode, let me know your take in the comments over on the blog.
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