Do you freeze up in front of men who are “out of your league”?

This week has been a little crazy. I have been slightly under the weather, and Hemal is so good at taking care of me. I literally turn into a baby in these moments. He sometimes has a big job 😉

When we first start dating he bought me a teddy bear from CVS. YES, I know from CVS not like some high end toy store. However, what I loved about it was it showed Hemal’s “softer” side that I didn’t know he had.

Well, while buying me some tylenol this week he bought this….

out of your league

He said it reminded him of us. Hilarious right?

When I first saw Hemal from across the room at a dinner party, he wasn’t necessarily the cutest man in the room (although he is to me now:)

He was the one that had some REAL presence. Like a don’t mess with me attitude. That was intimidating!

Do you know this feeling?

You see a beautiful, successful, charismatic man from across the room on his way over to you.

Maybe you’re even out on a first date and his online profile gave all the signs of a super high-quality man and he looks even better in person. You wonder, is he out of my league?

All of a sudden you freeze up, run the other way to avoid the interaction or start mumbling something that totally keeps you from connecting the way you know you can.

It’s happened to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to keep happening.

In this weeks episode of KavitaTV, I reveal my own experience with this and the trick I used to bring the nerves back down and connect with what is simply another human being.

Click here to watch:

Leave me your comments after the video of your realizations and insights. Have you ever felt like a man was “too good” for you? How did you handle it?

I’ll see you inside.

In Love,


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