Saturday, May 13, Soho NYC

How would it feel to be tapped into the most powerful source you have within you?

A source that has you fully trusting yourself.

A source that when experienced, reminds you of your divinity, of your innate worth.

Where there is little to no second guessing or self doubt, but rather flow, movement, choice, and limitless possibilities.

Where you feel free to express yourself and to ask for what you want…

Making choices everyday that have you feeling more connected to yourself and others…leaving you with a sense of fulfillment and joy in your life in a way you’ve never experienced.

Wouldn’t that feel freeing?

to be tapped into that level of knowingness from within?

That’s what we will be creating for you in this one day workshop, happening on Saturday May 13, in NYC.

Is this what you’re experiencing now?

Feeling stuck
like you can’t seem to get out of the hamster wheel in your head…

Thoughts of “am I good enough?”
come up, or “why is it taking so long?” or “I can’t hear myself,” or “I just wish I felt more confident.”

Your mind is spinning
searching to find an answer to what keeps holding you back…

But it feels blocked
like you can’t seem to get clear even when you try.

And you wish lightning would strike
and clarity would fall into your lap,
so that you feel free to move forward confidently.

Whether it’s in relationships…

  • Wishing you knew why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable people, or why you can’t seem to meet anyone that excites you.
  • Wishing that the relationship you’re in had you feeling more safe and secure, like you’re loved no matter what.
  • Wishing you knew exactly what to do to take your current relationship to the next level.
  • Wishing you had a better relationship with your children or your parents.

Maybe it’s in your work…

  • Wishing you knew what was next, so that you could be way more purposeful in your work.
  • Wishing you had clarity on how to get to the next level of success in your career
  • Or… how to finally let go of what you’re currently doing to follow your dreams

What if you knew exactly what was keeping you from…

Attracting the love of your life,

Taking your relationship to the next level,

Transforming every relationship in your life,

and doing the kind of work that feels purposeful and fulfilling.

Well, that’s exactly what we will be doing in this full day workshop…

We’re going to pinpoint what’s keeping you feeling blocked in your life, and help you release it, so you can move forward clear, connected, and ready to claim your destiny.

Here’s what I want you to know….

When we feel blocked in our lives, it’s because we have some sort of pressure, conflict, self-doubt or fear that is keeping us from having what we desire.

These blocks stem from experiences we’ve had when we were younger, and the conditioning we experienced in our childhood.

When you were younger maybe you heard your Dad say…

“Money requires hard work” or “You can’t trust anyone but yourself in life.”

Or you heard your Mom say, “Nothing comes easy,” “Make sure you’re independent and rely on yourself.”

Maybe in your childhood you experienced…

one parent leaving

your parents divorcing

your dad not being around much

being raised by your Mom

or your grandparents

All of these experiences, and what you made them mean, have been catalogued and stored in your subconscious, and is shaping how your present and future will play out.

These limiting thoughts and beliefs need to be released so that you no longer let past experiences stop you from creating new ones.

Now I promise this isn’t about dwelling in the past.


But in your past, there are some key limiting thoughts and feelings that need to be released.

Once released it’s easy to tap into the worthiness that already resides in you.

When you feel that worth from within, you become unstoppable, doors open up, possibilities enter, you start manifesting and connecting in a way you haven’t before.

When I say, “tapping into your worth”, I mean experiencing who you really are, which is limitless, which is Soul.

That’s what you can expect from this workshop…

It’s going to be a truly transformational day!

This is what makes the day so powerful….

When you immerse yourself in an experience, in a safe space, where you can see you’re not alone, that in fact you’re in good company, something starts to shift right there.

Because sitting at home in your head trying to figure it all out, has left you with little to no answers. In fact it’s left you with thoughts like “Is there something wrong with me?”

This thought can keep you stuck for years alone.

And I promise there’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re just feeling blocked. In fact the block is there for some really good reasons. It’s an invitation to dive deeper…

Life is asking you to really look within to heal and release, so that you can follow your soul’s path from a fierce place.

And when you surround yourself with a community that is ready to go within, committed to moving to the next level in their lives, there is a powerful energy and space that gets created, which speeds up your breakthrough process.

I’ve seen it over and over again in my work with hundreds of people.

There is magic in a live room.

What this day isn’t about:

This is not a shallow event.

We’re going to get you out of your comfort zone and into a space of having AHA moment after AHA moment. Helping you realize why you’ve been feeling blocked.

You see, unless we get to the root, nothing really changes.

My goal is to help you see the conditioning that you experienced when you were younger, that has created this resistance right now.

And we are going to not only unveil that resistance, but have you kick start the releasing and healing process.

This event will transform you.

Evolve you on the spot.

Who am I?

image03 image03

I’m Kavita J Patel, and I’ve been a Transformational Coach for the last 8 years, mostly in the realm of love and relationships, supporting hundreds of people in mastering how they relate to themselves and the people in their lives. I believe that relating, connecting to people, is the most powerful way to live a life that feels fulfilling, exciting, and connected.

A life that you look back on and are not only proud of achieving what felt like dreams at one point, but that you also enjoyed the ride, the journey.

When you feel fully connected to your path, your worth, your soul, and honor the relationships that supported you along the way, that’s a beautiful life.

Because nothing in life would happen without relationships.

So, having the skills to master relationships is powerful.

And this level of mastery requires diving into ourselves, knowing who we are, self-awareness, to then be able to express, communicate and let people in on what we desire.

I’ve spent the last 20 years deeply studying human behavior and spirituality, and can sit in front of anyone, have them tell me a little bit about what they are going through, and see where they’re feeling blocked in their lives. Where they might be settling. Often even before they know they’re blocked.

I’m excited to now take what I’ve been doing in the realm of relationships and expand it out to life, because the methodology is the same, and the shifts create real results in life.


Just some of the results you’ll see from the day:

Discover your soul’s purpose or what’s next in your career

Realize you’re worthy of abundance in every part of your life

Uncover and release what’s been keeping you from manifesting the love of your life

Deepen your current relationship to levels you’ve only dreamed of

Get clear on whether your current relationship is right or wrong for you

Unlock what keeps you from expressing yourself fully, and how to communicate what you need with ease

Catch the thoughts that tend to trap us, and transform them into thoughts that catapult you forward

Step into the power that lies within you

Open up your heart to receive what it is that you deeply desire

Breakthrough any resistance or fear that seems to keep you thinking you can’t have what you desire most

Here’s the beautiful location that we’ll be hanging out in:

We will be in my favorite part of NYC, Soho. A hotspot in NYC. We will be spending the day in a light filled Soho Loft, the perfect environment for reflection, fun, and transformation.

I can’t wait to guide you through this transformational day:

Worthy From Within

Saturday, May 13, Soho NYC
9:30am – 5:00pm

Your investment to attend is only…

Grab Your Seat Now

Space is limited.

What I’m clear about is this event is all about holding a high standard for transformation to take place, so whether we have 20 people or a full group of 50 this is what’s most important to me.

Here’s what people have said about working with me…

From Lonely and Exhausted To Happily Married
Working with Kavita helped me to connect on a deeper level with friends and family around me, which had me feel less alone. So when I met Neerav, I was able to be way more present with him than I had with any other man. A month later we were exclusive, and 14 months later we were engaged! We are now married, and have a beautiful little girl.

– Susan Shah, Lives in Santa Monica, California and is an Ayurvedic Health Coach (

Discovered a 50 Year Old Block Around My Work In 20 Minutes
Within 20 minutes Kavita was able to reflect back to me a block that I’ve had for years, one that was keeping me from reaching new levels in my work. I love what I do. I’m a bestselling author and have helped thousands of woman learn how to create wealth and achieve financial success. Yet I had never really seen myself as a business owner, author YES, business owner not as much. Kavita helped me recognize and release what was keeping me from owning that power.

– Barbara Stanny, Bestselling Author and Empowers Women In Creating Financial Freedom (

I’ve Opened Up like never BEFORE.
I’ve started seeing my relationship with other people in a different way, opened up like never before, became more tolerant and understanding with the people around me, hence my relationships improved. Christmas with my family has not felt that good since I was a small child. Nobody has ever helped me so much in just one session. I’m incredibly grateful to you.

– Eszter, Lives in Frankfurt, Germany, and is a Financial Services Consultant

Stuck and Anxious to Following My Soul’s Purpose
I was feeling stuck in my life, and even suffering from some anxiety but didn’t know what was having me feel this way. Working with Kavita took me into the past and helped me see that going into medicine was not my choice. From there it became clear why my journey has felt like a series of failures and hardship. Going into my past allowed me to forgive myself for my past and embark on fulfilling my true desires and purpose.
– Pooja, Lives in New York City, Married and is a Doctor in urgent care


If you have any questions about the day, what to expect, or if it’s the right workshop for you simply email us at and me or my team will get back to you as soon as possible.