Why He Hasn’t Called

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What’s the secret to making it past those first couple of dates with the men you are attracted to?

How do you get in the category of someone a man would want to get in a relationship with, rather than someone he stops calling after the first date?

You’ll learn in this guide how to show up with men in a way that keeps him curious and wanting more of you (and it’s got nothing to do with playing games!).

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 ways most women unknowingly stop themselves from making a lasting impression on a man they like
  • How to prepare for a date so that you show up comfortable, feeling good, and sexy- so he can’t help but ask you out again
  • Exactly what you can say to a man when you want to take it from texting or phone calls to a date
  • A script you can use to release the anxiety you feel when you’re waiting for a man to call or text so you feel empowered and confident to know exactly what to do next