The Parent Work

Over the last decade I’ve supported hundreds of people in completely altering their relationship with their parents, which has then given them the tools to unlock what they deeply desire in love and their lives.

No matter how hard it’s been with your family in the past or how scary it seems to be to open up to them. I’m going to show you how what you translated from your childhood with your parents (or those that raised you) and your family has created patterns that can keep us stuck in the way we relate to almost everything in our lives. Including yourself, love, money, your body, and your kids. Learning how to identify these patterns and release them is what I call the The Parent Work™.

Kavita Patel The Parent Work

I don’t want to be like them…

I hear this often… “I just don’t want to be like my Mom, she only thinks of herself.” “I don’t want to be with someone like my Dad, he’s so emotionally disconnected.” “I don’t want to have the kind of relationship my parents have.” We think that by resisting who our parents (or those who raised us) are , we can open up a new path for ourselves.


Are you taking care of your emotional health? It’s impacting every relationship…

Have you ever experienced starting your day off in a good mood, but then your boss says something to you making you feel like he thinks you’re not doing a good job? Suddenly you find yourself obsessing over why your boss would say something like that, or worrying about how you’re going to prove your value.


why it was so hard to ask for support

She said to me, “I don’t want to get pulled back into feeling vulnerable with my parents. That’s why I left home so early, because I just didn’t feel supported.” This statement answered a question I had been sitting with for weeks about my client, let’s call her Katie.


The untold parts of my story

I’ve been studying spirituality since I was 8 years old. My parents made sure my brother and I were given strong spiritual roots, knowing that would always lead us back to ourselves and our truth no matter what happened in life. I’m still so grateful to them for that.


Whose voice is that in my head?

As I had mentioned before the New Year, you will be getting a lot more content about how to move through your relationships with your parents, and how to release parental patterns, something I like to call, The Parent Work™. Here we go… The thought patterns and internal voices that keep us feeling stuck in life aren’t ours, they are often the voices and thoughts of our parents. Here’s what I mean…


How to take in “what is” so you can have what you truly desire

Today’s post came from a highly inspired place, and I feel everyone struggles with this topic. In fact it can easily keep us from loving and living full out.


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