Love & Money: Why he hasn’t called and how that is connected to your money story

What if we could show you how to change your approach to Love & Money?

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When you go out with a guy you are completely into, do you feel so nervous about wanting him to like you that you clam up, searching for something interesting to say (hoping kale salad is not all up in your teeth)?

After the date, does the sound of a text message coming in send you leaping to your phone, to see if it’s him? (But usually… it isn’t?)

And yet, when you aren’t into a guy, does he always seem to call you back the very next day, wanting to take you out again?

What gives??

Here’s what I know:

You want the kind of love that excites you and rocks your world. And so when you meet a man that you are completely crazy about, you need to be able to show up in a way that keeps him curious and wanting more of you.

The way to do this is not through acting unavailable or playing any games. (Guys always pick up on the fact that something weird is up, or they just think you aren’t interested.)

We are going to show you exactly what piece you are currently missing that is having you feel insecure on dates and obsessively worrying afterwards.

This is what is holding you back from showing up fully as you, so you feel free to flirt and get to know the guy – and leave him wanting more.

And here’s the thing: This missing piece is ALSO showing up in your money life.

We are sharing how to breakthrough in both of these areas in an upcoming one-time free teleclass recording available right now

I’ll be talking about:

You’ll also get Kavita’s weekly love notes!

In this class you will discover:

  • The Love + Money Connection: How a breakthrough love is the key to a breakthrough in money
  • The current approach you have to your dating which is causing all the anxiety
  • The shift in perspective you need on a date that will put the ball back in your court
  • The key ingredient that most women are missing when it comes to dates, which makes it better for you AND him
  • What men are looking for in order to want to ask you out again

If you want to start making it past those first couple of dates with the men you are really attracted to, then you will definitely want to be a part of this free class. We will be sharing what puts you in the category of someone he might want to get in a relationship with, rather than not hearing from him again after that first dinner date, and what all of this has to do with your money story as well.