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Having a hard time expressing yourself to others…

I had my son Sohum 6 months ago, and it has been a whirlwind of hormones, anxiety, love like I’ve never felt before, memory lapses, lack of sleep, and complete and utter bliss. I’ve written to you about some of this already. It’s ... READ MORE

Feeling not good enough at work, there’s a bigger reason.

A client of mine, let’s call her Lola, would go to work and feel like she just didn’t belong. Lola’s a teacher and felt like she wasn’t as good of a teacher as her co-teacher. She felt like the students in her classroom preferred the ... READ MORE

feel judged by your parents?

“If you felt as a child, or even now, a lot of anxiety being around your parents or fearful of being judged by them, that energy is going to come through in your relationships now. Interesting, right?” This is what I said to a client ... READ MORE

Cutting off your parents will keep you from feeling free

I had an introductory call with Samantha (anonymous name) several weeks back before she became a client. She said her relationship with her parents was awful and that they were often emotionally abusive. In that call, Samantha told me ... READ MORE

I don’t want to be like them…

I hear this often… “I just don’t want to be like my Mom, she only thinks of herself.” “I don’t want to be with someone like my Dad, he’s so emotionally disconnected.” “I don’t want to have the kind of relationship my parents ... READ MORE

Have a lot of love to give but men aren’t ready?

Do you feel like you are a woman with an amazing capacity to love? When you find someone that you feel a connection with are you ready to be ALL in? But you can’t seem to find a man who will step up and be all in with you. Then watch ... READ MORE

How to love without losing yourself

How to love without losing yourself

I discovered this week that I’ve been holding something back from you. I’ve been holding back telling you that my relationship with Hemal (my husband) is the kind of love you see in those cheesy romantic comedies. I want you to have an ... READ MORE

Bride showing her ring

Feeling the pressure to be married by now?

Honestly, I feel so blessed to be speaking to you every week and I am just honored that you open my emails and learn something. I just got back from a vacation in Florida with my mom. It was so much fun. We laughed, ate a lot, got on ... READ MORE

Can falling in love cause anxiety?

Can falling in love cause anxiety?

I have officially landed in LA for the winter. I am SO happy to be here. The warmth keeps me going and in creation in a way that just feels good for me. This week, I want to ask you: Have you ever been told you are too much or not ... READ MORE