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Think this relationship is keeping you from finding love?

I met this man the other day while I was out hanging with friends. He introduced himself and then asked me what I did. “I’m a Love and Relationship coach,” I said. He then asked me if I was married. “Yes, in fact I will be ... READ MORE

She inspired me with her courage

This is what one of my closest friends texted me and it hit me right in my heart. As I said in the text, there were immediate tears. Now, today’s post is a little different than most. Today I am talking about the most influential ... READ MORE

Talking to my guy friend

Even men go through what you’re going through in love The other day me and a close friend that I grew up with were hanging out. He is still single and looking for the “one”. We will call my friend, Niraj, to give him some ... READ MORE

Envelope and love letter

How to receive the love that’s all around you

If you haven’t read the book the The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I strongly suggest it. It’s a must read. This book helps you identify your primary way of receiving love. The 5 love languages discussed in the book are gifts, ... READ MORE

how one conversation changed everything

This past week I was listening to a Youtube talk by Osho (a deep thinking philosopher). During the talk, Osho shared something that immediately stirred up a rush of emotions. He said… Parents are told to sacrifice for their ... READ MORE

I love you because you exist

When I was little, on Valentine’s Day my mom would make us heart shaped pancakes in the morning. After school, she greeted us with a big hug and a special heart covered glass filled with heart-shaped ice cubes made out of Hawaiian ... READ MORE

Interesting Photo.

I was on a roller coaster in the middle of the ocean…

A few days ago, Hemal and I were walking on the beach with a good childhood friend of mine. As we approached the Santa Monica pier he turned to me and excitedly said “Let’s go on the roller coaster!” My first reaction was to say no but ... READ MORE

Why being the cool girl backfires

Stop trying to be the cool easy going girl

I’m writing this on the plane to Peru. We’re headed there for my birthday! Here’s Hemal and I at the airport 🙂 Have you ever had a man pursue you really hard in the beginning and then suddenly start to pull away? Especially after you ... READ MORE