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How to love without losing yourself

How to love without losing yourself

I discovered this week that I’ve been holding something back from you. I’ve been holding back telling you that my relationship with Hemal (my husband) is the kind of love you see in those cheesy romantic comedies. I want you to have an ... READ MORE

Are you better off just staying single? Why some women think that’s true…

I could (and couldn’t) believe this woman’s comment…

This comment on one of my Facebook posts stirred me up the other day because there were a lot of women who agreed (and liked) it. Take a look:   There are 2 parts of this woman’s simple sentence I want to dissect. Perspective 1: ... READ MORE

Kavita standing on the beach reflecting

Feeling sad and lonely? What if that was okay?

When you are sad, do you resist it? I’m going to level with you for a second. Most of last year I was sad. There were lots of moments I tried to talk through it with friends and it just wasn’t going away.  I was resisting it BIG time. ... READ MORE