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unavailable men

Why do I attract unavailable men?

This week I am sharing an amazing KavitaTV episode I had with my guest, Rikka. She came to me with a question that so many smart, successful, and beautiful women have: No matter what I do, why do I seem to attract unavailable men? ... READ MORE

what if he doesn’t ask me out again?

What if he doesn’t ask me out again?

In this weeks episode of KavitaTV, I’m answering a question from a viewer who had an amazing first date with a man she’s really into. They connected, the conversation flowed, and it was natural, and now she’s waiting in anxiety over ... READ MORE

Blocking love

Am I blocking myself from finding true love?

I absolutely love this episode of KavitaTV with my guest Sofia. Do you ever get confused about whether you should be open to the universe delivering love to you in its own time or if you should be super active in your search by going ... READ MORE

Kavita holding her palms together live coaching another women

Why is it so hard to find a spiritual man?

First of all Happy Valentine’s Day. I want to let you know that I appreciate you for being here with me, digging deep and looking at the stuff we sometimes don’t want to look at so you can have extraordinary love. You are why I do this ... READ MORE

Kavita coaching LIVE

Can I date men at work? [video blog]

I’m pretty excited to share this weeks video blog. Kristin came to me with a great question: Kavita, one of the biggest hurdles I have as a very active career woman is that the men I meet are most often in my business life.  I don’t ... READ MORE