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Heal childhood wounds

My right hand woman Michele said, “These calls are RIVETING. I cried.” A month back, I asked if anyone wanted free coaching for a part of their life where they felt challenged. The only caveat was that I wanted to share it with others, ... READ MORE

Are you tolerating too much in love?

She was terrified of her Dad growing up. He was a successful business man and would often come home stressed. When stressed, he was unapproachable. He would come home from a long day at work and go straight into his room in a mood. So ... READ MORE

We’re talking about infidelity…

This past week I got the chance to interview Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, Esther Perel. She’s come out with her second book The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity and this book is a must read. Esther has been a ... READ MORE

Will I ever find love?

I was talking to my client, let’s call her Valerie. She had reached out to me saying she wasn’t really into the guy she was dating, but that she was afraid to break it off because he was so kind and nice. He treated her so well and ... READ MORE

Think this relationship is keeping you from finding love?

I met this man the other day while I was out hanging with friends. He introduced himself and then asked me what I did. “I’m a Love and Relationship coach,” I said. He then asked me if I was married. “Yes, in fact I will be ... READ MORE

buzz word “boundaries”

The word boundaries comes up a lot, especially when I am talking to someone about their parents. As you know if you’ve been following me for a while, this is my topic of choice, the parent topic (or those that raised you.) It’s #1 for ... READ MORE

You’re allowed to fall in love as many times as you want

My friend looked at me and asked, “Is it okay that I’m falling in love with him?” She was looking for permission to dive into a feeling that is so exhilarating and intoxicating. She was also terrified, giving herself permission to fall ... READ MORE

Talking to my guy friend

Even men go through what you’re going through in love The other day me and a close friend that I grew up with were hanging out. He is still single and looking for the “one”. We will call my friend, Niraj, to give him some ... READ MORE