Author: Kavita

What 2020 & Finding Love ❤️ Have In Common…

Okay this year, 2020, there are no words. It has definitely been a year of chaos, fear, deep sense of loss and empty grocery stores, for a period of time, with very little toilet paper. It has also brought a lot of loneliness, less ... READ MORE

it’s about time

Happy New Year. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve blogged. I’ve missed writing you. I got swept away with the holiday season, and we took a long vacation to St. Martin for my 40th birthday. The vacation was a lot of fun, a ... READ MORE

how i recently got triggered

Raising a human being will bring up all of your unresolved stuff around your own parents… So will being in a relationship where you feel unclear or want to take things to the next level… So will dating, and trying to figure out who’s ... READ MORE

Heal childhood wounds

My right hand woman Michele said, “These calls are RIVETING. I cried.” A month back, I asked if anyone wanted free coaching for a part of their life where they felt challenged. The only caveat was that I wanted to share it with others, ... READ MORE

Having a hard time expressing yourself to others…

I had my son Sohum 6 months ago, and it has been a whirlwind of hormones, anxiety, love like I’ve never felt before, memory lapses, lack of sleep, and complete and utter bliss. I’ve written to you about some of this already. It’s ... READ MORE

Feeling not good enough at work, there’s a bigger reason.

A client of mine, let’s call her Lola, would go to work and feel like she just didn’t belong. Lola’s a teacher and felt like she wasn’t as good of a teacher as her co-teacher. She felt like the students in her classroom preferred the ... READ MORE

Don't Dismiss Your Feeling

Dismissing what I really felt

Today, I want to talk about how to really listen to yourself even when you’re faced with a lot of outside opinion and advice. Over the last month, I’ve really had to ground myself into listening to what is right for me, and my family, ... READ MORE